So, Tales of the Nineteen Galaxies is a long-running series of random stories set in the Nineteen Galaxies.  Literally anything is possible, from World War III, the Big Bang (haven’t done that one yet), right through to the future past the current novels.  Any planet, any time, anywhere, any who!  This series is online only, although I may be persuaded to collect them together properly into an anthology with the longer short stories I’ve been writing as well as any other random bits and pieces.

So, I hear you cry, where are they?

Right here people:

1     “HMS Poseidon”

2     “Traffic”

3     “Sunset Over Blue Falls”

4     “I-Robot”

5     “The Ambassador”

6     “Firepower”

7     “Rescue”

8     “The Lost, Part One”

9     “Memory”

10   “Iron Horse”

11   “(Un) Expected”

12   “Terran Navy Seventh Fleet”

13   “Ghost Story 1”

14   “Yellow Car”

15   “Fortune”

16   “Incoming!”

17   “Gang War”

18   “Launch for Icarus”

19   “A New Beginning”

20  “A Very Caine Christmas”

21  “Delays”

22  “Ghost Story 2”

23  “The Lost, Part Two”

24  “Stranger in a Long Coat”

25  “4120ad”

26  “The Stranger and the Pilot”

27  “A Sign of Things to Come”

28  “Odd Romance”

29  “The Case of the Celebrity Shapeshifter”

30  “A Message From Our Sponsors”

31  “Going For a Walk”

32 “Crystal Gods”

33 “Snail’s Pace”

And other stories under the “Tales” banner:

“Rescue the Princess”

“Thicker Than Snow”

Story A Day Challenge January 2014

February 2014 Encyclopaedia Entry A Day Challenge

Plus, I have a couple more coming, as well as building an actual Anthology!

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