Tales of the Nineteen Galaxies #3

Sorry this one’s a bit late, bit of a hectic weekend (plus I forgot!).  Anyway, here’s the third in the Tales series.  This is one of the ones I’m most proud of out of the flash fiction series.  Hope you like it!


Sunset Over Blue Falls

Two men sat on a long grassy ridge, perched on a divot like a long bench.  New Terra’s sun was slowly dragging itself from behind the horizon, its rays already lighting the wide clouds bright orange.

The city itself was a jewel in the Terran crown, a forest of modern shining towers, surrounding several pearl-white ancient towers (the origins of which are still a mystery).  At the centre of the sprawling mega-city, the massive metal mountain of the Houses of Parliament rose up like a spired beacon, dwarfing the mountains in the distance, reaching up into the sky like a true skyscraper.

All of this was spread out over a massive river delta that flowed into the universe’s biggest waterfall that dropped down kilometres through the planet’s crust.

“What a sight, eh?” the old man said to his friend.

His friend didn’t answer, leaving the old man to carry the conversation.

“I remember coming here when I was a lad, oh, a hundred years ago.  Home had been on Terra, and father had been killed during the evacuation.  Mother brought my brother and me here to New Terra; as refugees of Terra we were welcomed into the community with open arms.  But that wore off pretty quick, and mother found herself looking after two young boys with no friends, and no work.”  The old man sighed wearily.  “It’s been a hard century; at least, until I met you, my old friend.”  He cast a glance beside him, where his friend sat in resolute silence, not moving a muscle.

“Remember that day, forty years ago?  When we met each other in that café in New Amsterdam?  What great times we had, eh?”  He shook his head in amusement.  “Both of us were no spring chickens, eh?  Yet you still dragged me up on that table and danced half the night.”  He chuckled, and leaned forward as the morning traffic picked up around the city below.

The sun glinted off the metal flying machines as he continued.

“I remember when we first landed here at Blue Falls, and the government was still in disarray.  I let go of my mother’s hand, and got lost in the tide of refugees; I cried so much I never thought anyone could cry like that.”  He shook his head at the recollection.  “When I stopped crying I found myself at the Poseidon Monument?  You know the one?  It commemorates the end of the last Interior War, some starship that was responsible for ending the war.  I dunno why I was thinking of that; just thought of it.”  He looked over at his friend, “I know, I know, I’m rambling like a good ‘un.”

Still his friend refused to say anything, continuing his long stare across the city and its home on the top of the waterfall.

The old man couldn’t blame him: it was an awesome spectacle, even from this distance.  The old man stayed silent as the sun crested the horizon in the distance, blazing brightly.

“These are dangerous times, though,” he said, sullen.  “Violence and crime on the rise, and now there are sightings of some super soldier taking the law into his own hands.  I tell you, this is no age to be livin’ in.”

He had lived and prospered in that city, become a successful civil servant, and now he would die with the beautiful city in his eyes.  Yet still, his friend was silent.

He sighed, slipped the black pill under his tongue, and waited: it paid to be a civil servant for the department of defence.  The sun filled his view as his last breath left his lungs.


When members of the NTPD arrived on Sunrise Hill at midday, they found the corpses of two old men, sitting rigidly, watching the city.  One old man had died only hours before, the other had been dead for over a year…

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