Tales of the Nineteen Galaxies #24

So, it’s the 19th January!  It’s my birthday!!!!!  And as a present to you, here’s an extra special edition of the Tales!  See if you can guess who it is before the last line.  This is by no means my property (the character that is, not the setting), and I’ll be asking permission before this gets printed in the eventual anthology.

Ooh, also!

The Legend of Adam Caine is once again going to be free from monday to friday this week on Amazon (Kindle version anyway).  So don’t forget to get yours and review it!





Mayflower City, Proxima Centauri.

A stranger in a long brown waxed coat walked into a diner with his hands in his pockets, the body of the coat tucked behind his wrists.  He wore a blue suit underneath and red tennis shoes.  His hair was flicked up at the front, and he wore a young face with ancient eyes.

He scanned the room like he was searching for someone.  He frowned, and harrumphed, scratching his head, and running his hand through his bizarre hair.

When he couldn’t find who he was looking for, he walked up to the counter, and produced a wallet.  He flipped it open and showed the ID to the proprietress.

“Uh, hi.  I’m -”

“I know: from Navy Intelligence,” she finished for him, rolling her eyes.  “There’s always one of your kind in here, being a pain, badgering my customers.  Don’t you have anything better to do?  I thought you Intelligence types were all about investigating foreign powers, not Terran citizens.  Why don’t you go and harass those bikers over in the Arma Province?  Why are you here harassing me and my customers?”

“I’m looking for my… partner.  Red hair, East London accent, big mouth, has a penchant for being kidnapped?”

The woman looked at him weirdly, and then pointed to something over the man’s shoulder.

There was the woman out on the street, being dragged away by several rather nasty looking people in military uniforms.  She was mouthing off at them, demanding they let her go or they’d get an earful.  The stranger in the long coat sighed with exasperation and ran out the diner’s front door.

He shouted his partner’s name.

“Isn’t that a type of kebab?” she murmured.

As the woman was dragged into a waiting starship, the stranger charged across the street, trying to stop her kidnappers, still shouting her name.  The long coat flapped and cracked around him as he leaped through the air, hands outstretched.

The alien ship roared and leaped into the air, disappearing into the traffic.

The proprietress watched as the stranger in a long coat jumped into a tall blue box that looked like a larger version of a public communications cubicle.

She murmured to herself as it disappeared from view.

“What’s a Police Box?”


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