Six Years

Married six years!!!! 🙂

The Red head diaries

I know, I write something each year, but for me marriage is something worth noting, worth celebrating.

Mr Red,

I have been lucky enough that you have given me a second chance at being a wife, even more luckier that you are my husband. Our wedding wasn’t what dreams are made of, but the official part has been the key to a life of love and happiness.

Soppy, I know.

We’ve been thrown utter shit stuff during our time together, but it has only thrown us closer together. Crawling through the unimaginable, which should have torn us apart, forming a bond, which as we learned to put our lives back together, we were able to find the happiness, the joy between us we had in the beginning we only assumed that had been lost.

You really are the love of my life, I have said it many times before and I…

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