John Charles Scott is the author of several books (see work to date… page).  Despite a lack of experience in the writing industry (or lack of sanity), he is planning lots of stories featuring Adam Caine, as well as possibly the men and women of 15th Platoon. Currently, he lives in Chard, Somerset, married to a gorgeous girl called Julz, and verbally sparring with a madman named Rowland. You can find him on Facebook (John Charles Scott) or Twitter (@Shaven_Wookiee).

He  is, quite simply, as mad as a hedgehog at a lawnmower convention.  He is still writing… for feth’s sake, somebody stop him…

His currently published work can be found here, complete with links: My Stuff

He is currently working on these:

These are his future writing projects:

14 thoughts on “Author Extraordinaire…

  1. Aaron the Ogre says:

    John, thanks for stopping by and for following. I appreciate. I see we both love Star Wars. I’ve taken three different Facebook personality tests that say I’m the real Chewbacca.

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