Tales of the Nineteen Galaxies #18

Good morning all!

How is everybody?

It’s that time again for another addition to the Tales series.  As a sidenote, I’m considering compiling them into an anthology together with some of the shorter pieces I’ve done, including The Package, my Nano novel, and a couple (or more) of short stories.

This one’s a tiny one, but possibly big fluff-wise.





The Polly Jenkins slid from Earth orbit, leaving the safety of the Dawlish Orbital Shipyards and the scarred blue-and-green marble behind.  Although the ship’s crew couldn’t hear it, there were thousands of people cheering and applauding as they watched on screens around the globe.

ES Polly Jenkins was the first of a sleek new class of starships.

Built like a brick shelter, she was designed with a fight in mind.

As was its captain.

Captain Blake Macgregor came from a long line of British naval officers; his grandfather had commanded the Iron Horse at the beginning of Man’s first forays into space.  He was just shy of six feet, built like a front row rugby player with a tightly cropped square head and an easy smile.

His previous ship, before his promotion, was escorting the Polly Jenkins off to their left.

Defiant was small and tough, like many of Earth’s starships nowadays.

He hoped it was in good hands.

“Status on all major systems?” he demanded from his central command chair.

The triangular sloped bridge was alive with activity as the crew pushed the ship out.

“FTL spooled up and ready for your command, Captain,” the helmsman replied.  “Sublights and manoeuvring thrusters are at full capacity and are still stable.”

“Short and long-range communications are up and running at long last,” the dry voice of the comms officer replied.  “I’ve synchronised with Pluto Station and Relay One.  We are green across the board, sir.”

His XO stood to one side, supervising everything.

“We’re good to go, Captain.”

Macgregor nodded.

“Alright.  Set coordinates for the last known position of the Icarus.  Let’s go and make history by finding it.  Activate FTL.”

The stars ahead of the ship stretched to long lines and the Polly Jenkins was gone.

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