Tales of the Nineteen Galaxies #11

Hey there!  Well, another weekend, another Tale.  starting to run out of these!  So now I’m writing some more!  Well, attempting to!

The first draft of The Package is finished!  Woohoo!  Although I haven’t heard back from Bliss (the charity), which apparently isn’t that much of a shock to some people.  I’ve also finished proofing Ghosts of Earth, so I’ve just got to make the changes in the file!  Sorry for those who have been waiting!

Lastly, although it’s actually related to what you’re about to read.  I’m looking for people to write their own flash fiction set within the Nineteen Galaxies universe.  What do you think?  Did you wanna come play in my universe?

Anyway, here’s Number 11!




Dravis VII Frontier Hospital.

“Bring her into Resus!” the Attending shouted.

The team dragged the gurney into the specialised Resuscitation Room, stripping the patient’s clothing off to get at the injuries underneath.  Purple blood was splashed across the gurney, where the EMTs had saved her life.

They assumed it was a she, anyway; it wasn’t a species native to Dravis, nor any surrounding sectors.  There seemed to be female aspects to the alien, though her pseudopods were flicking around the room, smashing equipment; it was hard to even tell where her face was.

She screeched in pain.

“She’s going into arrest!” the chief nurse cried.  “I think!”  The monitors were going crazy, though nobody could tell if that was really normal except for the wild beeping of the cardiac monitor.

“Get the defib paddles,” the Attending ordered.

One of the nurses reappeared with two small flexible discs, and placed them onto what he hoped was near the patient’s heart beneath the flailing pseudopods.  He pulled out the small control device, and ramped it up to one-fifty.

“Clear,” the Attending and the nurse said simultaneously.  The nurse tapped the main control, and the alien jerked, the cardiac monitor jumping with it.  The monitor returned to its chaotic jumble, and the alien kept screeching in pain.

“Charge to three hundred,” ordered the doctor.

The nurse complied, and shouted, “Clear!”

The alien jerked on the gurney again, but nothing happened.


Again the alien jerked, and again nothing happened.  The nurse was about to slap the charge button when the monitor changed to a more stable confluence of lines and beeps.

There was a squelching noise, and the alien let out a bloodcurdling shriek.

Something wet hit the floor at the doctor’s feet, like a drink being spilled, which was followed by a dull thud of something more solid hitting.  The doctor looked down on the ground, expecting to see something had fallen off the alien patient.

But no.

There was a pool of purple blood spreading out from a small fleshy mass.

“What the hell is that?” one of the nurses cried.

The fleshy mass started chittering and wailing like a newborn.

It was a newborn.

“Oh gods, she’s in labour,” the doctor realised.

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