Tales of the Nineteen Galaxies #23

It’s Saturday, so it’s another day for another Tale.  This time, the continuation of the The Lost mini-series, with Colonel Fellholm and Major Adams investigating the Core.  Why?  Will they survive?  This is turning out to be a prequel to the Core War series, and may yield some surprising results.  We’ll see.

Read on and find out!




They had barely made it down the first corridor.

Fellholm had barely taken five steps when an energy round slapped the stone wall beside his head.  Another and another followed him and Adams as they dove for cover behind a large decorative buttress carved from the mountain.

The Wolf Guardian was hit several times, his massive armour and size too easy a target for the enemy to pass up.  He turned, the energy rounds fizzing against the plate armour, and began pulling a sword from a scabbard strapped across his massive back.

An energy round hit him fully in the face, melting his exposed head.

The Guardian dropped to the floor with a massive thump.

The energy fire returned to Fellholm and Adams’ position, digging into the buttress.

“You think we should have taken the opportunity to run whilst the Wolf Guardian was blocking the fire?” Adams shouted.

Fellholm gave him a withering stare.

“What?” Adams said innocently.

Fellholm shook his head.

“Cover me,” the colonel said.  He dove out into the corridor, his feet chased by energy impacts that almost touched him.

Adams blasted away blindly around the corner, trying to get their attackers to duck.

“Cover you?” shouted Adams over the furore.  “Who’s gonna cover me?  Why do I always end up doing this bit?”

Fellholm made it to a buttress further up the corridor.

“Privilege of rank,” he called back.

“Uh-huh,” Adams sighed, “That’s what you always say.”

Fellholm nodded to him, pointing to another buttress even further up.

“Oh come on,” complained the major.

His colonel shrugged.

The energy rounds didn’t abate until Fellholm popped his head out and blasted back down the corridor.

Adams didn’t wait for the signal.

He jumped up and bolted, running to a pillar a few metres past his colonel.  Each step he expected to feel an energy round in his back to bring him down.  Each step failed to stop him.  He literally dove behind the buttress, landing with a crash and losing his peaked cap.

They carried this on until the end of the corridor, where they found a set of old elevators.

That was when they noticed that whatever enemy was after them had stopped firing.

They turned to see them charging up the corridor towards them.

Fellholm shot the first one in the face, dropping it.

Adams shot the next one, hitting it in the shoulder and spinning back into one of its fellows.  The rest continued charging, screeching inhumanly as the two Terrans kept firing, backing into the elevator.

Adams slapped one of the controls, anything to close the doors.

At first, nothing happened, and the enemy were almost within arm’s reach.

The doors groaned and then slowly cycled shut.

There was a loud thump as something large hit the other side.

Then several other thumps as the enemy shot at the door.

The noise literally rose up above them until they could no longer hear it.

Both men slumped against the elevator walls.

It was Adams that finally spoke.

“So, they were the Core, huh?”

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