Tales of the Nineteen Galaxies #12

Can’t believe this has now been running for 12 weeks!    For those of who are new to the series, the Tales are meant as flash fiction, little random slices of life from across the breadth and history of the Nineteen Galaxies.  This will be the 12th, but I’m currently writing the 20th, the second part of The Lost serial short story and there are plans for more later on, including (hopefully) several by other authors.  I’ve had some interest in guest writers for the series, so hopefully you’ll start to see some soon.

Of course, if you too want to write a little story for the series, let me know!  I’d be really happy to put it up as one of the Tales.

I’m also currently working on enacting the changes from my proof of Ghosts of Earth, over a third of the way through.

Thought I’d add this as well, for kicks:

This story, entitled Terran Navy Seventh Fleet, isn’t so much a story as a factfile inspired by elements of Warhammer 40,000 Codexes, and some of Tolkien’s Silmarillion.  I do apologise though, as I think I’ve used some of the ship names elsewhere in other stories.



“To hell and back we go, against enemy and foe.”

-Seventh Fleet motto.

Commanded by Fleet Admiral Garth Shischko, the Seventh Fleet is responsible for all anti-smuggler operations in and around the Terran Consortium and its allies.  Although Shischko is one of the ten vaunted Terran Fleet Admirals, he does not sit on the Admiralty Council, or the Command Staff, simply because his command is not as overall important as the other Fleet operations.  The Fleet’s headquarters is situated out of Fort Hera in the Teleska star system, Andromeda galaxy.

The Seventh is made up of 10 taskforces, each with its own assigned area of operations, and each one divided up again into smaller groups, called wings, up to a maximum of six wings.  The tenth taskforce is the Fleet’s supply and engineering section, commanded by the Fleet Quartermaster, whilst the ninth taskforce handles all anti-smuggler operations outside of Terran territories.

Fleet disposition circa 4003ad:

Taskforce 7-Alpha

(Milky Way 1)

CO: Rear Admiral Benteen

XO: Commodore Blacklawn

4 Wings:

Red Wing (Mai Sector)

1 Knight-class Battleship HMS Corrigan;

2 Longbow-class Cruiser HMS Jewel & HMS Princess Inara;

1 Woomera-class Cruiser HMS Red King;

7 Rhino Squadrons

Blue Wing (Ik’d’Gin’Far Sector)

1 Spearhead-class Heavy Cruiser HMS Delhi;

1 Grace-class Frigate HMS Sword Brother;

2 Hammer-class Destroyer HMS Stillwater & HMS Balance;

2 Rhino Squadrons

Green Wing (Flen Sector)

4 Longbow-class Cruiser HMS Lionheart, HMS Frontier, HMS Damocles & HMS York;

4 Grace-class Frigate HMS Tempest, HMS Turner, HMS Clear Sky & HMS Drummer;

7 Hammer-class Destroyer HMS Reward, HMS Reunion, HMS Rebel Dream, HMS Fire, HMS Origin, HMS Bearhide & HMS GreyJohn;

14 Spirit-class Gunship HMS Classic, HMS Robbin, HMS Molina, HMS Kroeker, HMS Tam, HMS Thorne, HMS Dilmore, HMS Jarman, HMS DeCandido, HMS Abnett, HMS McTaggart, HMS President, HMS Penzance & HMS St. Albans;

8 Rhino Squadrons;

2 Stickleback Squadrons

Grey Wing (Hyti Sector)

2 Knight-class Battleship HMS Blood Brother & HMS Purpleheart;

1 Diligent-class Battleship HMS Superb;

15 Rhino Squadrons;

4 Stickleback Squadrons;

1 Razorback Squadron

Notes: Although officially commanded by Rear Admiral Benteen, 7-Alpha was nominally under Fleet Admiral Shischko, with the Corrigan as his sometime-flagship when his presence is required in the field away from the fleet’s headquarters at Fort Hera.





Taskforce 7-Beta

(Milky Way 2)

CO: Vice Admiral G’Roth

XO: Fleet Captain Long

2 Wings:

Red Wing (Lipnot Sector)

2 Knight-class Battleship HMS Lemonwood & HMS Turbulent;

3 Longbow-class Cruiser HMS Forward, HMS Wildfire & HMS Wave Knight;

9 Tireless-class Destroyer HMS Swiftsure, HMS Green Bay, HMS Anchorage, HMS Bunker Hill, HMS Intrepid, HMS Hornet, HMS Kitty Hawk, HMS Kent & HMS Great Britain;

6 Dasher-class Gunship HMS Iwo Jima, HMS Reprisal, HMS Valley Forge, HMS Stout, HMS Porter & HMS Minear;

14 Rhino Squadrons

Blue Wing (m’in’joka Sector –Fort Dagger)

1 Spearhead-class Heavy Cruiser HMS Somerset;

3 Longbow-class Cruiser HMS Crown Point, HMS Blue Ridge & HMS Bow;

7 Reign-class Cruiser HMS Block Island, HMS Punter, HMS Young, HMS Key West, HMS Spruance, HMS Constitution & HMS Gearing;

19 Rhino Squadrons

Taskforce 7-Gamma

(Andromeda 3 –Softfire Station)

CO: Admiral Vandergrift

XO: Commodore Garrison

6 Wings:

Red Wing (6-Over-4 Sector)

1 Crusade-class Dreadnaught HMS Alexandria;

3 Knight-class Battleship HMS Farlander, HMS Washburn & HMS Underwood;

10 Longbow-class Cruiser HMS Flatland, HMS Shaper, HMS Ford, HMS Providence, HMS Boone, HMS Creative Dilemma, HMS Black Arrow, HMS Gallant, HMS Fountain of Youth & HMS Protocol 42;

4 Hightower-class Cruiser HMS City of Avarice, HMS Orb of Mercy, HMS Star Runner & HMS Wanderer;

1 Reign-class Cruiser HMS Turbulent Tomorrow;

5 Modesty-class Frigate HMS Worlds of Unity, HMS Angel of Mercy, HMS Renaissance, HMS Hyperion & HMS Oceanic;

23 Hammer-class Destroyer HMS Requiem, HMS Restoration, HMS Golden King, HMS Bounty, HMS Enduring Star, HMS Enduring Flame, HMS Remembrance, HMS Storm in Heaven, HMS Angel of Solace, HMS Reap the Whirlwind, HMS Outlander, HMS Death or Glory, HMS Legacy, HMS Brightstar, HMS Prophecy and Change, HMS Viceroy, HMS Gothic Wonder, HMS High Charity, HMS Thunder, HMS Illustrious, HMS Reasoning, HMS Winter Sun & HMS Dreamer;

36 Rhino Squadrons;

12 Stickleback Squadrons;

4 Razorback Squadrons

Blue Wing (Largana Sector)

1 Longbow-class Cruiser HMS Into The Wild;

2 Spirit-class Gunship HMS Driven & HMS Majesty;

2 Rhino Squadrons;

1 Stickleback Squadron

Green Wing (Regar Sector)

3 Longbow-class Cruiser HMS Unleashed, HMS SunStar & HMS History of Victory;

19 Spirit-class Gunship HMS Nightfire, HMS Turning Point, HMS Talent, HMS Runaway Bride, HMS State of the Union, HMS State of Emergency, HMS Dauntless, HMS Isis, HMS Osiris, HMS Serenity, HMS Deaujean, HMS Astarte, HMS Majestic, HMS Miranda, HMS Halo, HMS Fantastic, HMS Foundation, HMS Book of Glory & HMS Bring the Rain;

9 Rhino Squadrons

Green Wing (Hope Sector)

3 Hammer-class Destroyer HMS Gods Above, HMS Arrowsmith & HMS Locked Heart;

2 Tireless-class Destroyer HMS Pasteur & HMS Defiance

Grey Wing (Inferno Sector)

1 Hightower-class Cruiser HMS Forge of Heaven;

2 Modesty-class Frigate HMS City of Angels & HMS Grand Duke;

3 Rhino Squadrons

Black Wing (1-Over-9 Sector)

1 Knight-class Battleship HMS Chasing Liberty;

12 Hammer-class Destroyer HMS Protocol 9, HMS Across the Sky, HMS Peacekeeper, HMS Scimitar, HMS Endurance, HMS This Grey Spirit, HMS Erebus, HMS Vengeance, HMS Revelation, HMS Victory, HMS Nyx & HMS Domination;

5 Rhino Squadrons

Notes: The largest of all the anti-smuggler taskforces, 7-Gamma’s operations covered other criminal activities since they cover the most criminally active part of the Nineteen Galaxies.  As such, they have gained a reputation both in the Navy general, and the criminal element of the galaxies.

Taskforce 7-Delta

(Milky Way 4)

CO: Commodore Rayjean

XO: Captain Maher

2 Wings:

Red Wing (7-Over-1 Sector)

1 Longbow-class Cruiser HMS Summon The Thunder;

1 Hightower-class Cruiser HMS Fearless;

3 Rhino Squadrons

Blue Wing (Loer Sector)

1 Longbow-class Cruiser HMS Farther Shore;

1 Reign-class Cruiser HMS Glory of The Ages;

2 Modesty-class Frigate HMS Burning Bounty & HMS Destiny’s Dream;

5 Rhino Squadrons

Notes: 7-Delta’s operations cover the section within which ancient Terra and Delta-Tango lie, and thus are a small group, consisting of ships due for repair, or have extremely green crews.

Taskforce 7-Epsilon

(Andromeda 1)

CO: Vice Admiral Gretsch

XO: Rear Admiral London

3 Wings:

Red Wing (Goklanitogoron Sector)

2 Diligent-class Battleship HMS Thunderbird & HMS Centaur;

4 Longbow-class Cruiser HMS Niirti, HMS Hood, HMS Armstrong & HMS Sea King;

9 Hammer-class Destroyer HMS Wellesley, HMS Challenger, HMS Vigilant, HMS Julius, HMS Athena, HMS Heimdall, HMS Hermiad, HMS Pendragon & HMS Imhotep;

16 Rhino Squadrons;

1 Stickleback Squadron

Blue Wing (Verbat Sector)

2 Modesty-class Frigate HMS Wasp & HMS Essex;

8 Spirit-class Gunship HMS Astoria, HMS Omaha, HMS Quincy, HMS Vincennes, HMS Atlanta, HMS Georgia, HMS Wessex & HMS Kearsarge

White Wing (Core Sector)

1 Diligent-class Battleship HMS Monitor;

1 Modesty-class Frigate HMS Midway;

5 Rhino Squadrons

Taskforce 7-Zeta

(Andromeda 2)

CO: Group Captain Hill

XO: Wing Commander Vinton

5 Starfighter Wings:

Red Wing (449 Sector)

23 Rhino Squadrons

12 Stickleback Squadrons

4 Razorback Squadrons

Blue Wing (12 Sector)

39 Rhino Squadrons

4 Stickleback Squadrons

Green Wing (678 Sector)

45 Rhino Squadrons

Grey Wing (92 Sector)

9 Rhino Squadrons

19 Stickleback Squadrons

7 Razorback Squadrons

White Wing (7 Sector)

42 Rhino Squadrons

7 Stickleback Squadrons

Notes: 7-Zeta is a purely starfighter group, put together as a rapid response force to respond to immediate threats and crises under the auspices of the anti-smuggler operations, assisting the other taskforces in the Fleet, especially the Supplies Group.  Unlike the other taskforces, Zeta is fully under Starfighter Command, Group Captain Hill reporting directly to Shischko.

Taskforce 7-Eta

(Milky Way 3)

CO: Admiral Mouloulen

XO: Commodore J’kala

3 Wings:

Red Wing (68 Sector)

3 Knight-class Battleship HMS Mesa Verde, HMS Tanner’s Pride & HMS Pi;

1 Diligent-class Battleship HMS Arkansas;

1 Broadsword-class Battleship HMS Invincible;

6 Longbow-class Cruiser HMS Eisenhower, HMS Missouri, HMS Wyoming, HMS Salt Lake City, HMS Port Royal & HMS Freedom;

11 Modesty-class Frigate HMS St. Paul, HMS Grinder, HMS Langley, HMS Gridder, HMS Lake Portmore, HMS Lake District, HMS St. Christopher, HMS Mandarin, HMS Jamaica, HMS New Terra & HMS Proxima;

19 Hammer-class Destroyer HMS Lake Michigan, HMS Mount Olympus, HMS Indiana, HMS Siberia, HMS Finland, HMS Belarus, HMS Kaliningrad, HMS Moscow, HMS Tranquillity, HMS Singularity, HMS Vasyugan, HMS Zaraysk, HMS Wrangel Island, HMS Lundy, HMS Scilly, HMS Diomede, HMS Pacific, HMS Atlantic & HMS Chukchi Sea;

12 Dasher-class Gunship HMS Fitzgerald, HMS Scythia, HMS Khazaria, HMS Bosporan, HMS Novgorod, HMS Rostov, HMS Russkaya Pravda, HMS Yuri Gagarin, HMS Nebraska, HMS Nevada, HMS Long Beach & HMS Wolverine;

2 Spirit-class Gunship HMS North Dakota & HMS St. Petersburg;

30 Rhino Squadrons;

2 Stickleback Squadrons

Blue Wing (Fretyiol Sector)

1 Knight-class Battleship HMS Bay of Pigs;

2 Longbow-class Cruiser HMS Ro Island & HMS Andover;

5 Tireless-class Destroyer HMS Rowland, HMS Suggington, HMS Utah, HMS Vermont & HMS Helena;

2 Dasher-class Gunship HMS Ticonderoga & HMS Shenandoah;

7 Rhino Squadrons

1 Stickleback Squadrons

Black Wing (Lopi Sector)

12 Rhino Squadrons

12 Stickleback Squadrons

4 Razorback Squadrons

Taskforce 7-Theta

(Andromeda 4)

CO: Commodore Akins

XO: Fleet Captain Daniels

6 Wings:

Red Wing (78 Sector)

1 Knight-class Battleship HMS Georgia;

3 Spirit-class Gunship HMS Orbital, HMS Panther & HMS Chattanooga;

4 Rhino Squadrons

Blue Wing (67 Sector)

2 Longbow-class Cruiser HMS Augusta & HMS Cushing;

3 Grace-class Frigate HMS Albany, HMS Russell & HMS Shangri-la;

Green Wing (Yt Sector)

1 Longbow-class Cruiser HMS Churchill;

2 Hightower-class Cruiser HMS Lexington & HMS Oregon;

1 Reign-class Cruiser HMS Canberra;

8 Rhino Squadrons

Grey Wing (Jiloni Sector)

2 Hammer-class Destroyer HMS Darwin & HMS Alice Springs;

5 Spirit-class Gunship HMS Maine, HMS Boxer, HMS Bataan, HMS Tiger & HMS Coral Sea;

6 Dasher-class Gunship HMS Bateman, HMS Burton, HMS Portland, HMS Lafferty, HMS Iowa & HMS Tarawa

White Wing (Ollo Sector)

1 Diligent-class Battleship HMS Ohio;

1 Spearhead-class Heavy Cruiser HMS Klakring;

3 Tireless-class Destroyer HMS Thach, HMS De Wert & HMS Rentz;

4 Rhino Squadrons

Black Wing (P3-ini Sector)

12 Spirit-class Gunship HMS Ingraham, HMS McClusky, HMS Bradley, HMS Sphinx, HMS Cairo, HMS Reuben James, HMS Niblack, HMS Pope, HMS Kearny, HMS Monaghan, HMS Cheyenne & HMS Elrod;

2 Dasher-class Gunship HMS Hawes & HMS Kauffman

Taskforce 7-Iota

(Allied Smuggler Taskforce –Alliance HQ)

CO: Admiral J’Genthi

XO: Vice Admiral Lassek

6 Wings:

Red Wing

2 Knight-class Battleship HMS La Jolla & HMS Dale;

3 Diligent-class Battleship HMS Cochlan, HMS Sturtevant & HMS Norfolk;

4 Warrior-class Rijiin War Cruiser RS Via, RS Min, RS Lal & RS Cor;

1 Thunder-class Rijiin Starfighter Carrier RS Har;

2 Galaxy-class Alliance Cruiser AFS Righteous & AFS Flurry;

7 Longbow-class Cruiser HMS Halliburton, HMS Doyle, HMS Crommelin, HMS Moale, HMS Fuller, HMS Rutter & HMS Bremerton;

3 Reign-class Cruiser HMS Springfield, HMS Miami & HMS Luce;

8 Modesty-class Frigate HMS Taylor, HMS Nicholas, HMS Meredith, HMS Hoel, HMS Abele, HMS Mansfield, HMS De Havan & HMS Glennon;

4 Escort-class Rijiin Frigates RS Lar, RS Fel, RS Jag & RS Far;

29 Rhino Squadrons;

5 Stickleback Squadrons;

9 Rijiin Starfighter Squadrons;

9 Alliance Starfighter Squadrons

Blue Wing

1 Knight-class Battleship HMS Simpson;

1 Lightning-class Rijiin Battleship RS Pol;

2 Brightsword-class Cruiser HMS Jarrett & HMS Delphy;

Green Wing

12 Rhino Squadrons;

4 Stickleback Squadrons;

1 Razorback Squadron;

5 Rijiin Starfighter Squadrons;

5 Alliance Starfighter Squadrons;

Grey Wing

1 Knight-class Battle Carrier HMS Bailey;

4 Rhino Squadrons;

2 Stickleback Squadrons;

2 Rijiin Starfighter Squadrons;

1 Rijiin Bomber Squadron;

2 Alliance Bomber Squadrons

Black Wing

12 Rhino Squadrons;

2 Stickleback Squadrons

White Wing

9 Rhino Squadrons;

3 Rathgar/Rijiin Combined Starfighter Squadrons;

2 Alliance Starfighter Squadrons

Notes: 7-Iota was placed unofficially under the command of The Alliance so as to help with the expansive smuggler operations outside the Terran Consortium.  Primarily made up of starfighters, it included ships from both the Rijiin Home Fleet, and the Alliance.

Taskforce 7-Kappa

CO: Fleet Quartermaster Commodore Booker

XO: Fleet Captain Naylor

4 Super Heavy Transports;

45 Fleet Tenders;

19 Heavy Freighters;

51 Medium Freighters;

23 Light Freighters;

56 Civilian Freighters;

4 Icebreaker-class Rescue Vessels

Notes: 7-Kappa does not operate as one group, spread out among the other taskforces, but all reporting to Commodore Booker and Fleet Captain Naylor at Fort Hera.

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