Tales of the Nineteen Galaxies #25

Hey there!  Another Saturday, another Tale.  I’ve posted this one before on Facebook, but it is still technically part of the Tales series, despite being a story set far in the future (well, a little far anyway).  This one is about a certain family, and how it’s all kind of messed up family-wise.

Well, there were 700 downloads of The Legend of Adam Caine this week during the free promotion.  Once you’ve read it, go on over to Amazon and Goodreads to post a review!







Her family were gathered round her death bed.  She was dying, too old for her body to carry on.  But she had had a good life.  A long life.  A sea of faces looked down at her in her final moments.  They were all her family, some by blood, others not.  Family was the important thing, what she had been taught by her own parents.


Her children, grand-children, great-grand-children, and great-great-grand-children were all here, save for the one or two who had passed away.  Her husband was long since gone; his race was so much shorter lived than her own.  She didn’t care that they couldn’t all see her at any one time; she could see them.


Well, not all.


There was one missing.  One important one, more than any other.


He wasn’t here.


Where was he?


The thought of leaving this world without saying goodbye to him.  It was unthinkable.  But he was a wanted man, in all corners of the universe.  Too many people were after him, too many wanted him dead or incarcerated.  He would never risk coming here to see her.


She frowned as she heard some commotion outside the medical room’s door.  Heads all turned to the door.  It opened silently and softly, revealing the corridor outside.  A large figure in long beige priest’s robes stepped through, the face shadowed by a deep hood.  Head bowed, the figure tried to move through the throng of family.


“It’s alright,” she said wearily.  “I’m sure he’s come a long way.”


There was a twitch under the hood.  Was he smiling?


“You have no idea,” a familiar voice said softly.


She tried to sit up further, her weak body refusing to allow it.  Her eldest grand-child helped her up.  There was no pain anymore, just weakness.  She was old and frail, and she could feel herself slipping away.  But that voice.  It touched something deep within her, and awoke memories.  Memories of a small blue starship; memories of happiness, and great sadness, and great adventures that had passed into legend.


“I know that voice,” she said.


“You should, Evie.”


Tears started streaming down her cheeks as the memories flooded back.  The good ones, and the bad.  All of them combining into her childhood.


The priest stepped forward, and pulled the hood away.


“Daddy,” she cried.


He smiled, and lent down beside his only daughter.  His face was as young and strong as it had been that day on Odyssey Station when he rescued her.  His long barbarian hair was tied back, showing his facial scars.


There was a simultaneous gasp from all those around him.  The entire family dropped to one knee all at the same time.


“Lord Caine,” several of them whispered with awe.


Adam Logan Caine ignored them.


“Hello Evelyn.  Did you really think I would let you go without saying goodbye?”


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