Tales of the Nineteen Galaxies #6

Well, it’s that time of the week again!

So, the Olympics opening ceremony has been and gone, with some pretty brilliant stuff going on, including James Bond himself escorting the Queen and the pair parachuting into the Olympic Stadium, and Mr. Bean playing the synthesiser part of “Chariots of Fire” with the London Symphony Orchestra!  Also, my big sister was one of those women dressed up as 1950s nurses in the NHS section of the ceremony!

It’s the weekend, and so time for another Tale from the universe of the Nineteen Galaxies!  This one’s a bit weird and random though!  Sorry!





S’Amiel the Wicked revelled in the blood of her enemies.  The green ichor had matted her long black hair, and splashed across her purple spiked armour.  She swiped her knife through another neck, the arterial spray colouring her bodyguard warrior.

S’Amiel roared with approval, taking in the piles of dead bodies strewn across the huge grassy battlefield.  Her starship was sat in the distance, shadowing the valley like a proud sentinel, its wicked, sharp lines mirrored in the armour she wore.

The enemy leader was brought before her.  He was silent, and resolute, all nine of his eyes staring at her with a fierceness she could scarcely believe existed for someone so beaten and badly wounded.

This creature was the last resistance to her rule in this sector.

The enemy leader started laughing.

“This is the end of your reign of terror, S’Amiel.”

She frowned, genuinely taken aback for the first time in centuries.

The prisoner’s laughing became harsh and guttural; his throats were worn dry from the battle.  He was dying, blood leaking from half a dozen wounds.  She looked down to see a tiny spot of red light dancing around on her armour.  When she looked around for the source, there was a figure stood on the nearby hillside, an energy rifle pointed at her, its laser marker active.

She swore loudly.

The prisoner was choking with laughter, blood coughing from his mouth.

“Look up.”

Just as he died, she did as she was told, and looked up.

She kept looking up until she saw the blood-red Core warship.

A massive orange light descended from the heavens, and annihilated S’Amiel, her army, and her starship.


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