Losing Weight

The Hairy Dadder

I hate my body.

me fatty

I’m fat, seriously overweight even.  As I write this, I’m 138kg (2kg down already) which is considered bad unless I’m a bodybuilder, which I’m not!  My BMI is high, in the 40s.  I’m at risk for all kinds of diabetes (which I have a bloody blood test every year for), heart disease, not to mention the varicose veins I’ve had the last year or so, and now a sodding leg ulcer.  Fuck.

I’m writing this having been to the doctor today about the leg ulcer, and being told that I HAVE to lose weight.  I have been trying believe me.

Five years ago, it was a similar story, although not quite so many health risks.  I was 151kg when we lost Melody, having been living off takeaways and pies and such for the five weeks whilst she was in hospital.  Afterwards, not only did I finally…

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