Tales of the Nineteen Galaxies #4

Okay, second post in the same day!  Sweet!  So, this one started life as part of a Star Wars story where the big bad for Luke and co. was a battle droid (one of the annoying “Roger Roger” commander units from the prequels) that went nuts and created an army of droids.  Anyway, the story fell by the wayside and I cut it down and changed it to fit in with the Nineteen Galaxies universe.  There is a possibility that the droid’s (now robot) storyline might get resurrected during the Core War series as an added complication for the heroes.




[Engage start-up procedures.]

Its visual receptors flicked open.

[Analysing systems.]

It slowly moved each one of its limbs in sequence, testing the viable strength of its metal muscles.  It shifted its domed head around, analysing the rotation gears in the base of its metallic skull, and at the top of its upper torso.

[Systems analysis complete.  Status: active; limbs: upgraded; CPU & light-mind drives: fully active, minor upgrades; power core: upgraded to T-X Theta Core; weapons: missing.]

It tried to sit upright, but found itself strapped to a surgical bed.  Lights hung overhead, whilst strange soft-plated life forms stood over it, congratulating each other on a job well done.  They exchanged odd interactive gestures with their hands and upper limbs, their aural speakers moving in something its light-mind informed it was called a smile.

[Scanning life forms.  Analysing language and speech patterns.]

The congratulations continued.

[Speech patterns recognised.  Aural projectors upgraded to include language.]

“Where am I?” it said.

The meatbags… [Life-forms]… all looked surprised.

“You are in the Korvakkian Technology Institute.  We brought you here to re-program you into a peaceful protocol unit.  And we were successful.”  Another round of backslaps and handshakes.

[Warning.  Warning.  New programming detected, attempting to re-write combat and tactical subroutines.]

Silent alarms flashed inside its CPU and light-mind.

[Purging new programming, activating combat and tactical analysis program.]  The scientists were completely oblivious.  [Targets made of soft flesh, no armaments detected, no armour visible.]

Its metal hand darted out and throttled the nearest scientist.  Before the life had drained from him, the other scientists screamed, and bolted for the doors.  But the doors themselves were bolted, a wise precaution given the circumstances.

It strained against the restraints, and snapped one, freeing its other limbs.

More screams.

It used the only weapons it had available: its hands.

When it was finished, there was little left to discern insides from outsides.

If it was a meatbag, it would have smiled, revelled in the destruction of those that had tried to alter its programming from its original programming: the destruction of the Korvakkian Technology Institute.  But it was a machine; emotions were unnecessary for existence, and were ultimately a liability to efficient programming.

Its masters had programmed him to infiltrate, seek, and destroy.

[Hunting programming initiated.]


Well, what do you think?  Would you like to see this storyline bear fruition during the Core War series?  Let me know…

2 thoughts on “Tales of the Nineteen Galaxies #4

  1. C.B.Rabbich says:

    I like the humans playing god theme of it and trying to overwrite fundemental data in a robot would be just like asking a human being to not breathe or eat. (Yes sometimes I side with the psycotic killer robot) We had a discussion in my sci-fi group last year about this very issue of AI’s having basic rights to follow their incodings no matter how wrong the program might be.

    1. shavenwookiee says:

      The idea is this particular robot will eventually lead some sort of robotic army just as the Terrans are fighting a giant war against an invading alien race. I’ve been trying to make each of these Tales different and unique, and possibly even prompt a discussion on their subject matter…. Well, some of them, anyway.

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