Tales of the Nineteen Galaxies #14

Hey there, after all the excitement of my driving test and driving EVERYWHERE I can physically go within reason I kinda forgot the latest Tales….


This one’s quite appropriate actually.

Anyone else played yellow car?



Treh City.

“Yellow car,” Jimni shouted, punching his brother’s upper arm as hard as he could.  His brother, Rimni, shrieked loudly, and started swearing profusely.

“What the hell was that for?”

Jimni was giving his twin brother a lift through the skylanes to the spaceport when he had shouted and assaulted Rimni.  It was an old game they used to play when they were kids, and Jimni, in a desperate attempt to cheer the other up, had decided to re-ignite the old competition with a bang.

Jimni had seen a yellow hovercar.

Rimni thumped him just below the shoulder, and pain spread out from the area he knew would have a bruise coming through soon.

“Yellow car,” muttered Rimni, though Jimni couldn’t see one in any of the other skylanes.

A few silent minutes went by, each brother nursing a bruised arm, glaring at each other until one of them opened their mouth.

“Wasn’t very fraggin’ funny,” Rimni muttered finally.

“Fraggin’ was,” complained the other.  He turned in his seat, flicking the hover-car’s controls over to cruiser control.  And then proceeded to smack his brother again in the same place.  “See?”

After the initial pain wore off, Rimni was about to say something.

Jimni was in mid-punch when Rimni shouted out.


He pointed beyond the windscreen.

The two turned to face the new car, and realised they had accidentally crossed into the opposite lane.  Cars came at them like flies to a corpse, and in the midst, metres away from them, was a yellow hover-car.

The boys cried out just as the yellow car smashed into them.


When they were finally pulled out of the wreckage of Jimni’s hover-car, a Policeman asked them both what the hell they were thinking.

Both answered the same before passing out from the shock.

“Yellow car.”

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