Tales of the Nineteen Galaxies #30

A bit late this one, so I do apologise.  We’re moving soon, and our gorgeous little rainbow baby will be with us soon, so things are a bit mad.  Put it this way, my desk is in the dining room (posh, I know) and there is a gigantic pile of cardboard boxes full of stuff essentially filling up half of it, if not more!  Lol.

So I do apologise if the next couple of stories are bit late.

Anyway, here’s a bit of fun from the Nineteen Galaxies; some vidfeed adverts from the New Terra!  They were originally part of my Nano novel from 2012, but were removed to keep the story from stopping and starting. every other chapter.






“Greetings from Yetedyne Industries!

I’m Carn Longer, star of some of the biggest holo-movies of the last few years, including the latest Interior War movie, Risley’s Rhinos, which is out now.  As you all know, I’m pretty busy with filming and attending public events, so when I do get the chance, I like to sit down with a good digi-book between takes and during journeys.

I’m here to tell you about the latest digipad series Yetedyne is releasing.

The DF3-series digipads are the most streamline and sleekest ever designed by Terran hands, and they come in three different sizes: small, medium, and large.  There’s even a special edition version for those of you wanting a keepsake from my movie, a movie still laser-engraved on the back and sides.

The DF3 is faster, and more powerful than the DF2, and even its competitors, the micro-processors running at twenty-four terahertz.  The internal hard-drive has an amazing five-hundred tera-byte memory, with video and audio processing to rival the latest in cinema experiences.

Download and play your favourite movies, play the latest interactive games using Yetedyne’s innovative micro holo-emitter embedded in the case.

The model also features an internal comm-link that can be connected to any public communications network in a twenty mile range, giving you the freedom to talk to your loved ones from far away.

The DF3 also features the latest and most sensitive touch-technology, and also the most intuitive, providing a truly anticipatory typing system giving you a faster reaction time for those all-important communications.

This is the future of digipad technology.

So go out and buy it now, only one thousand credits.

I’m Carn Longer, and I say Yetedyne is the future.”








“Discount prices!

Come down to Harringdales’ Market where you can pick up just about any food or drink you think of.  Anything from bovine mince to Yenni shrimps, Terran brandy to Arethian spices.  We have it all; and if we don’t have it we can get it on special order. 

So come on down to one of our fifteen stores in New Amsterdam, Arka, and Maypoor.

Get your discount food and drink here, and nowhere else!”






“Have you recently served in the Army, Navy, Starfighter Command, or perhaps the NTPD, Fire Brigade, or Ambulance Service?  If you have, and you were injured in the line of duty, you could be entitled to a large sum of unclaimed injury pay.

This is Arnot Sosh.  Until six months ago, he was serving as a member of the New Amsterdam Fire Brigade.  On a shout, he was wounded by falling debris and severely injured.  The Brigade put him on medical leave, and was eventually forced to resign because he felt he could no longer carry on as a fire-fighter.  Now, thanks to us, he’s been rewarded three hundred thousand credits compensation.

This is Yatoy Ago.  Ten years ago, she was serving as a pilot in Starfighter Command during the infamous Battle of Gorrh.  During this incident, her starfighter was shot and she was exposed to the depravities of vacuum.  She was too scared to come forward initially, but has now been rewarded a tidy sum of fifty thousand credits.

And this is Boril Tark.  He was a beat officer in the NTPD and shot in the line of duty, but the NTPD refused to pay him anything after he left the service.  He came to us, and we helped him put his life back on track with a lump sum of sixty-two-thousand credits.

So, if you wear a uniform, and you feel you’ve been cheated out of the money owed to you, give us a call on our home frequency.

Uniformed Lawyers For You; protecting those who protect us.”





“This is the car you’ve been looking for!

The Horran Hori-4 is the latest in a long line of precision-engineered cars.  The Hori-4 features the latest in Horran hover technology, a generation ahead of the military equivalent, featuring multiple redundancies and safety features, including a small back-up hover-plate.

The Hori-4 is streamlined and aerodynamic, able to push its micro-turbines to three-hundred-and-twelve miles an hour on an open stretch of skylane.

It also features the latest navigation and satellite-link hardware, able to pinpoint your position to the nearest micro-metre.  It has all the latest luxuries, all the finest accompaniments to your journey: the Xsess Entertainment System, surround sound, and holographic projectors for the kids in the back.  The seats all feature our usual additions of expandable cushions, individual heating, and soundproof sleep forcefields for those long journeys.

Safety is our foremost thought when designing these cars, and we’ve spared no expense.

The Hori-4’s safety back-ups include crash foam, structural integrity forcefields similar to what they use in starships, magnetic hull plates that can push other vehicles away like two magnets, and a host of others.

So go down to your local dealer and buy one today!”





“It is the year 2015.

Humanity has reached the stars, exploring other worlds in the name of peace and furthering scientific understanding.  But not all of humanity are happy.  A group of countries, led by the Federal Chinese Government, declare war on the western states, including the United States of Britain and Great America. 

Can the allies bring the war to an end quickly?

Or will this indeed be the bloodiest Earth has ever seen?

When the top Chinese general crash lands in a small town of the USB called Berndt he faces the wrath of locals led by a former war hero.  Can Berndt turn the tide of the Third World War?  Or will the world become one under the merciless Eastern Dragon?

Find out at your local cinemas in the breath-taking new epic by Veeth Gooth, and starring award winner Il Bin Chor.  Win tickets to the premiere in New Amsterdam Central Square and meet the stars, or watch it at release next week.”






“Tonight on Celebrity Entertainment, is Zitaya cheating on her hunky boyfriend?  We’ll find out soon. 

But first: for over a month, there have been rumours of an adaptation of the award-winning bestselling novel The Dark in the Night by Kenneth McDonald.  Now, as many of you know, McDonald was murdered during the spate of shootings in New Amsterdam three months ago, his death attributed to a story he was working on for the New Amsterdam Times.

The rights to his book, and its forthcoming sequel, were passed back to the publisher upon his death, who have sold the movie rights to it.

The book, detailing McDonald’s harrowing escape from an alien prison, was widely regarded as one of the greatest of our generation, and sold over six billion copies both networked and hardcopy.

Now it is been officially announced that the movie studio Galactic have optioned it and are already looking for writers and a director.  Who will be their first choice?  With two big war movies coming out this week, who knows?”






“Good afternoon, the time is twelve midday.

I’m Hornaby Yarrow, and these are the headlines…

The so-called Core War is stagnating according to leading expert analysts, with Prime Minister Rudd taking a nose-dive in the public opinion polls.

The aftermath of the worst shootings in recent New Amsterdam history.  Three months on, how are people coping, and are the New Terra Police Department doing enough to prevent something similar happening again?

And are stuffed Linker Bears really as safe as they look?  A survey has declared them unfit for use by children due to their shedding fur.  More on that later, but first an update on the progress of the War.

According to one leading expert, the War is nothing more than a skirmish at the moment, with the Navy’s efforts concentrating on the planet Tyvas VII, home of several dozen Grayman crystal mines.  A strategically important planet in the Andromeda galaxy, Tyvas has so far been the only sector to see any violence since the Prime Minister’s emergency broadcast of the Declaration of War.

Here’s Aleyq with the story…”







For the first time in centuries, a Parliamentary declaration of war has been ratified with a unanimous vote of the House.  For the first time in centuries the Terran Consortium is at war.

The Terran Navy and its multiple service arms stand tall and proud in the face of this new enemy known only as the Core.  They will defend humanity from all threats as they have done for over seventeen-hundred years.  None can defeat them.

But they still need your help.

The Navy, Army, and Starfighter Command are always looking for bright, intelligent new recruits to defend the innocent citizens of the Consortium.  Whether it be as an enlisted, or as an officer, they want you!

Do you think you could lay down your life for others?  To sacrifice everything to protect those around you?  To fight for what’s right and good in our society?

Do you think you have what it takes?

Then head down to your local Navy Recruitment Office today, and speak to one of the recruiters, find out what Navy life is like from former frontline soldiers and officers.  Perhaps you could sign up then and there?  Who knows?

Become a Crewman, a Soldier, or maybe even a pilot!

Fight for what’s right.

Protect the innocent.

Defend humanity from the encroaching intruders.

Join the Navy today!”





“Join the Peace Corps.

The Corps has been making every effort to convince the Terran government to scrap the Declaration of War, especially it is so unnecessary.  Already, close to three thousand men and women have lost their lives, and the planet Tyvas VII has seen devastation because of the battles taking place on the surface and in space.

We need all the volunteers we can get, and all the monetary donations.

So join up, or donate something, even just a small amount of money to be sent to the civilian medical personnel on the planet’s surface.

Be all you can be, and help the innocent.”





“Have you been to the planet Littleback?

If not, why not?

The small blue planet is a luxurious haven for a holiday.  Sixteen light-years galactic west from New Terra, it orbits a yellow main-type star closer than New Terra or Terra once did, giving it an all-round warmer atmosphere.  Beaches line every atoll, of which the planet’s landmass is made up of millions across the surface, surrounded by blue ocean.  The planet’s ecosystem had been engineered to be placid and pleasing to the eye.  The weather has been contained and controlled to maximise the holiday experience.

No more rainy holidays!

Littleback has all the amenities and luxuries you could possibly want, as you would expect of a five-star resort.  Each atoll or atoll chain is tailored to suit different needs giving more comfort than any other holiday destination.

There are hundreds of activities, mostly centred around the oceans.  There’s snorkelling, bell diving, scuba diving, swimming, water sports, boating, sailing, and racing.  Anything you can think to do on the water, we do it!

So, jump on an Express Line transport t New Amsterdam’s Central Spaceport and take the quick and easy journey to Littleback.

Littleback: the holiday of your dreams.”






“Karew Adventures.

Have you always had the urge to go on an adventure?  Have you always wanted to test your limits to their fullest?  Well now you can.  Karew Adventures is offering you the opportunity to hike a mountain, spacedive, or even swim deep under the ocean for as little as two thousand credits.

Choose from our range of packages.

Here are our most popular:

Hike the length of the Purple Mountains right here on New Terra, led by expert guides, and featuring all the latest on-the-go luxuries for sleeping and resting.

Swim deep into the Ramas Corridor aboard one of our advanced submarines.

Fly through the Savage Halo in a Navy warship and work as one of the crew.

Just pay your deposit now, and we’ll fast-track you to the top of the lists.

Soon, taking bookings for Tyvas VII, the frontlines package.”





“When the universe was turned upside down by the destruction of their homeworld, three brothers joined the Navy to find a better home, and a better future.  But in the wake of confusion and discontent they are torn apart by the outset of humanity’s last and bloodiest Interior War.

On one side, the loyalists following the late High Admiral Geletti’s principles and example; the other side, the rebels following his successor High Admiral Jane Risley, desperate to put the Navy in control.

This is the story of the rebels and two brothers fighting in High Admiral Risley’s starfighter squadrons.

This is Risley’s Rhinos.


Out in cinemas today!”






“Plior Holidays is currently taking bookings for their latest luxury cruise liner.

Have you ever wanted to see the rings of Saturn?  Have you ever wanted to know what it feels like to fly through a nebula, or a super-comet’s tail?

Well now you can.

Setting sail in three months, the Plior Corporation’s newest cruise liner, the Olympic, will be travelling the Nineteen Galaxies, and with all the expected luxuries and facilities.

Built from scratch, the Olympic will be the first to travel the entire Nineteen Galaxies, having had permission to travel in the forbidden Y-40 galaxy.  You will get to see the wonders of the universe from the comfort of your hotel suite and be back to New Terra in time for the 4021 Olympics.  As part of the package, we will be offering seats for all the major sports events, as well as VIP treatment before, during, and after.

So, what do you say?






“Learn to fly!

From the creators of the anti-grav bubble chute comes an old favourite brought to life once more!

One thousand years ago, anti-grav footwear became a popular item in the Terran Consortium; humans could finally experience the ability to fly without a vehicle surrounding them, or a starship, or even a large thruster pack.  But they fell out of fashion and the company that held the patents went out of business.

Last year, those patents ran out, and we are pleased to announce that we bought them.

So, without further ado, here is the first in a long line of hover-shoes for you the concerned consumer.  The first is our basic model, no frills, no spills.

This is our greatest achievement, with all the latest in anti-gravity technology shrunk down to fit in a shoe.  Here, you see the flashing lights in the soles?  That’s the hover-pads.  Incredible isn’t it? And do you see the sleekness of the design?  You wouldn’t even realise they had so much technology inside them, would you?

So, go down to your nearest shoe or clothes store and pick up a pair for fifty-nine ninety-nine and start flying immediately.”


Disclaimer: the shoes are only viable in a small area.  Do not use on streets, or fly in skylanes.  Do not fly near power conduits or magnetic fields to prevent shorting out of circuitry.






“RISE Cola.

The greatest, healthiest drink you’ll always need!

With less added sugar and more vitamins and minerals you can shake the pouch at.

Buy it from your local stores and markets.”





“This is Channel 40.  It’s three o’clock.

Doctors Dempsen and Pompeii continue their on-again off-again romance.  Will they last forever, or will the current crisis at the hospital end it?  Can the doctors of New Amsterdam St. Mercy’s Hospital discover the cure for the plague, or will they become patients themselves?  Will Doctor P give in to the handsome Navy medical officer?  Or are they doomed from the start?

Hold onto your hats and find out together as the latest episode of Trauma Central enters its season finale, only on Channel 40…”






“Has your life been empty?

Do you feel unfulfilled?

Perhaps you are simply bored?

If so, come on down to the First Church of the Ancient Times on Highway F-07, one mile outside the city limits.  Here, we can embrace the ancient ways and fulfil your life.  Here, you can experience the love of gods and adulation of us all.

We only ask for a small donation.

See you soon…”


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