So, I was pushed (ahem) into doing one of these Photo a Day challenges, where you are given a list of words and each one you do on a separate day, take a photo of the subject, and blog about it.  Except I’m not very good at photography; actually, I’m pretty bad at it, but there you go.  So my wife Julz suggested that I write little stories for each one instead of taking a picture.

So I did.

This is the prompt picture, with a few modifications of my own:


Naturally, all of them are set somewhere (or sometime) in the Nineteen Galaxies universe, and all of my main characters from the various shorts and novels I’ve done are included, even a certain nasty Colonel Jain gets his own short….

Haven’t had a great deal of success, but February (today) will prove to be a bit more interesting, with Encyclopaedia entries instead of stories, and no prompts this time, I’ll leave that for the March challenge…

So, here we are…

Day 1: 12.01am

Day 2: Right

Day 3: Blue

Day 4: The Letter D

Day 5: Snow

Day 6: Empty

Day 7: On Your Shelf

Day 8: Outside

Day 9: Fast

Day 10: Alone

Day 11: Everyday

Day 12: Texture

Day 13: Phone

Day 14: Drink

Day 15: Money

Day 16: Fence

Day 17: Shiny

Day 18: Disaster

Day 19: Cold

Day 20: Steps

Day 21: A Stranger

Day 22: Look Up!

Day 23: Circle

Day 24: Breakfast

Day 25: Letterbox

Day 26: Tiny

Day 27: Mail

Day 28: Self-Portrait

Day 29: Addiction

Day 30: Jewellery

Day 31: Sleep

(Disclaimer: The pictures in each post are NOT my own, I dredged them from Google)

What do you think?  More of the same?  Leave your comments, share the page, be inspired to do your own.  If you do, share it here, or on my Facebook page!

Update: 26/07/14, I’ve given this series (and any succeeding stories similar in nature) the title of Random Acts of Life, with a cover!

Thirty-one stories written daily over a month with a one-word prompt for each (which are the titles).   It was a lot of fun to write, with some obvious (and not so obvious) sci-fi references.  As always, it is part of the Nineteen Galaxies universe.

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