You’ve been Music Monday’d

Okay, so the puns in the title are getting worse.  My apologies, but it’s different, and you’re reading this now, right?

Anyway, this week, it’s something everybody else seems to have already known about, but I’ve only just discovered the delights of the tribal version of “Let it Go” from the film Frozen.

I know, I’m a big kid.

Whatcha gonna do?

I should really talk about some writing stuff, but there’s not a lot going on apart from the last proofread of The Case of the Empty Killer, still aiming to  release that for November 30th!  I’m STILL plugging through this frikking Encyclopaedia, I’ve squished all the Legend entries into the main file, now it’s just finishing adding the Recon entries, which could take a while, plus adding the pictures (half of which haven’t been done yet).  So, lots to do.

AND I’ve still yet to finish last year’s Nano (or at least the story), with Book One of the Core War incomplete, and Book Two due to start this November.


you should be writing

Anyway, here’s the music you’ve been waiting for!

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