So, I’ve been bumbling about on the internet, trying to find different way to make colour sketches of different bits of technology and different characters for my encyclopaedia, and I stumbled upon the amazing HeroMachine.  It’s a great free site that lets you create your own characters, male, female, even different species to a certain extent.  It’s great for superheroes, fantasy and sci-fi characters, but can be easily tweaked for regular people.  Anyway, my point is that this thing is free to use, and the pictures you create are yours to use how you like (I messaged the group on Facebook)!  Which is awesome, because it means its another “sketch” or two for the encyclopaedia.

Actually, if anybody wants to draw something that’s already in the stories (Adam is already done), you’re welcome to submit and get a contributor’s tagline/entry.  Plus, thinking about free copies for whoever is a contributor!

So, here’s those HeroMachine pictures, plus some other bits and pieces I’m putting in!

Adam Cartoon Deef Alcott Cartoon Polly Jenkins Raymond Sansky Cartoon The Ghost Cartoon

Can you tell me who is who without clicking on the pictures?

17 - P Parliament Spearhead-class heavy cruiser

Who can tell me what famous Nineteen Galaxies city that is?  And that next to it is a Spearhead-class heavy cruiser (as in the very first starship Adam and his fellow time-travellers encountered) named for his future wife.

8 thoughts on “Pictures!!!

  1. Satin Sheet Diva says:

    I always pictured Adam with shorter hair. Sort of a US Marine buzz cut kind of deal. Doesn’t detract from my love of all things Caine though. ;-). Good job. The Encyclopedia is going to be AMAZING!

    1. shavenwookiee says:

      Well he always had long hair in the beginning, it wasn’t until he and Polly FINALLY told each other how they feel that he grew up and cut it into a more respectable style (with a beard of course). I’m hoping it’s going to be epic, but we’ll see!

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