Coming 30th November 2014!






Thought I’d share these with you!  What do you think?  Interested?Empty Killer cover

Empty Killer poster

Ruul Vin-Bornn is a down-on-his-luck private detective in New Amsterdam, the greatest city in the Nineteen Galaxies.  Thanks to his actions three months ago, he has become a hero among the locals.  But there are some who are out to make life more lethal for him…


Early one morning, Ruul is called to a crime scene by his friend Mando Alvis.  There they find a man killed in full view of dozens of cameras.  The crime was caught on camera, and yet nothing is seen besides the victim dying.


Too many questions complicate the case: how is it possible?  Who committed the crime?  Why was the man killed?  And why has Intelligence Director Madsen, one of the most powerful men in the Nineteen Galaxies, taken a close interest?

Empty Killer Dust Jacket complete


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