How to be an author, by guest writer David Guymer – Part Two

Alternative Realities

David Guymer, best selling author for the Black Library, the Godfather of Gotrek and Felix has kindly written a guest blog for us. This is part two.

Kissed by Lady Luck

I continue to count my blessings that when I started to think about possible outlets for my writing, Black Library still had an open submissions window. I’m a lifelong fan of Warhammer so I naturally had a Black Library in mind as someone I’d like to write for and while exploring the internet for advice I managed to stumble across their submissions guidelines. As chance would have it there was a submission window open right then. It was going to be open for another 2 weeks.

Being a pretty lazy guy really, I thought about putting it off for another year. Give myself time to think about it, to work on it, perfect my prose.

The thought that I might…

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