Fifty Shades of Gay – Part II: Revenge of the Shit.

Had to re-blog this. Hilarious!


Right; enough is enough. This has gone far enough, people. Stop it…stop it.

He pities you.

Stop it.

As a self-anointed keeper of the literary peace, I can’t allow this Fifty Shades of Grey ‘phenomenon’ to continue unchecked and un-taken-the-piss-out-of. It’s, quite frankly, embarrassing. Broken down, the main problems as I see them, are:

Point one – It’s Twilight fan fiction.


Point three – There is no actual narrative to it.

Point four – Character? What character?

Point five – It’s shockingly written.

And that’s just the book itself; never mind the mind-numbing over-promotion of it wherever you look or the Twitter stream of vapid idiocy it creates.

Believe it or not, I take quite a restrained outlook on the state of literature today. I’m not, like some people, a die-hard purist who would like to see just the classics stocked in Waterstones. The world…

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