The Case of the Empty Killer is published!!!!!!!

The Case of the Empty Killer is here!


So, the Empty Killer has arrived to terrorise the citizens of New Amsterdam.   To those who have previously read Ghosts of Earth, the killer will be familiar, though only passingly, so not having read it isn’t important.   But, there is an element of seeing Ruul Vin-Bornn’s story continue from the horrendous events that nearly destroyed New Terra.  As Hero of New Amsterdam, it has afforded him some fame, but it has made his job harder.

Okay, so Ruul Vin-Bornn is a private detective, formerly of the New Terra Police Department, in the same ilk of Phillip Marlowe (I’m a huge fan of Raymond Chandler’s detective) and Sherlock Holmes.  Leaning more towards the seedier life and cases of Marlowe, Vin-Bornn is tough, but has his limits, and frequently gets in over his head.

He is your typical fictional detective: outspoken, quick-witted, and always an eye for the detail.  Handy in a fight too, of course.  He is ably assisted by his lifelong friend, Inspector Mando Alvis of the NTPD, and a fried dough addict.  The two are inseparable, despite Vin-Bornn’s dismissal from the service.

Like all good detectives, there is of course a small sub-plot in the shape of Cameron, Ruul’s Uncle that raised him from a young age, and a former fire-fighter.  But what is happening with him?

With all this, there is the war occurring in the background, far from New Terra, and the shadow of Caine over everything…

Oh, and if you were wondering, Vin-Bornn’s appearance is based on a combination of Michael Shanks (in serious Daniel Jackson mode), and JR Bourne (another brilliant Stargate actor).

008TLT_Michael_Shanks_026 JR+Bourne+Teen+Wolf+Season+3+Episode+9+-euErDefnQbl

The Case of the Empty Killer was written for Nanowrimo 2012, managing to do 82,000 words in 24 days!  I may consider returning to the single-character format as it seems to work for me.

I’ve already had some brilliant reviews, although I’m never against hundreds more, good or bad (hint hint).

So, buy my book in different formats, and find out the answers!

Amazon UK

Amazon US  



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