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I’m attempting to compile everything from the books to make an encyclopaedia of the Nineteen Galaxies!  Don’t know whether it should be a standalone book with a narrative, or a wikipedia site.  It’s also going to contain a timeline of the universe, mixing fact with fiction.
I’m attempting to compile everything from the books to make an encyclopaedia of the Nineteen Galaxies! Don’t know whether it should be a standalone book with a narrative, or a wikipedia site. It’s also going to contain a timeline of the universe, mixing fact with fiction.

As you all know, I’ve been beavering away on this Encyclopaedia.  Well, I’ve finally finished all the entries for everything except for Fall of Terra (I may add them later) and The Case of the Empty Killer (that’ll be next year’s edition).  I’m now smashing the entries together.  It’s not easy.  I’m up to nearly 80,000 words, and I’m only on C from all the entries for The Legend of Adam Caine!!!  And this doesn’t include pictures either!  So, I thought I’d share the biggest entry I’ve done yet so far, which takes up nearly three A4 pages!!!!

Can you guess who it is?

Caine photoshop


Caine, Adam

Human male from Earth.  Born in Cambridge, England, to Nathaniel and Cassandra Caine in 1980ad.  Former Staff Sergeant in the Royal Marines Commandos and Special Boat Service.  Tall, handsome with several scars, light brown hair at various lengths through his life.  He has green eyes and is heavily muscled with a broad frame.  Was kidnapped from a London Underground train in 2006ad along with forty-one others, and taken to the end of 3999ad.  Met “Silver”, a non-corporeal entity known by many as a Timewalker.

4000ad: He was tortured brutally and made to fight one of the other prisoners.  Experimented on as well with temporal energy, and flipped through time, seeing the first Royal Marines, and the launch of humanity’s first FTL drive where he met his future wife, Polly Jenkins.  Had a brief tryst with a fellow time-traveller, Hannah Spears, but ended it when he went after the Core.  Destroyed his captors, the Core, but was presumed missing for a time.  Captured by Saajil slavers and shared a cell with M’Der Tr’n, Famous Historian.  Came into contact with the sadistic parasite entity known as Hadjkai.  He escaped and disappeared onto the Gold Royale.  Adopted a young Mertik girl, gave her the name of Evelyn Caine.  Was given the star yacht, Kara Marazov, as a present.  Was seduced by Queen Leya I, who became pregnant, although didn’t tell him right away.  The ship was destroyed by the HMS Fortitude, but Caine escaped with its captain, Brag Franks, his daughter, and several crew.  Trained with “Diamond”, another Timewalker, to become a greater warrior, and killed the infamous mercenary Garvion -Evelyn’s biological father.  Chased after “Mr. Gold” (yet another Timewalker) to the core of the Andromeda galaxy, in turn chased by Kombat 3899, a secretive Terran organisation that believe Terrans should be the dominant force in the Nineteen Galaxies.  He destroyed the Timewalkers’ power source, thus stranding them all in corporeal form, but was betrayed by Brag Franks (who wanted a life in the Navy again).

4001ad: Caine was responsible for the destruction of the Emissaries of Power, a massive criminal organisation, and bringing down Kombat 3899 temporarily.  He re-joined M’Der Tr’n for several adventures with Evelyn aboard the Kara.  Caine discovered the planet Ckeer Najoor, and was responsible for saving it from an influx of large creatures of unknown origin.  In return, the locals asked him to stay with them, and he and Evelyn made it their home.  Several months later, Caine was called to a mining operation where a capsule had been discovered with several stasis pods, one of which contained Dr. Polly Jenkins and several Core warriors.

In 4003ad, Caine was stranded on an unnamed planet in the Vaygar sector, where he was forced to fight in battles with primitive firearms.  It was here he discovered his friend-for-life Sojun, a young soldier under his command.

He was also responsible for provoking the riots and murders on Fallus Nine.

In 4004ad, “Silver” approached Caine to infiltrate a pirate organisation known as the “Idle Guns” in the Dark Galaxy.  He destroyed them, and rescued a stranded Timewalker and a young Star Mystic.  He was stabbed in the back and nearly died, but recovered.

In 4005ad, Polly Jenkins was invited to witness the launch of a new starliner, the Titanic, and chose to bring Caine along with her.  The ship crashed and they were trapped, whereupon they finally admitted their love for each other.  As they left in the Kara, Adam asks her to cut his hair.

A year later, Caine proposed to Polly on the artificial world of Strangis Forgan Kror, where he also bumped into Rowlandos, former leader of the Idle Guns pirates.

Not long after, Caine joined the Terran Army in prosecuting the Jalic Incursion, assisting the Pathfinders Regiment in destroying the Jalic High Command on Nano Rimmo.

4008ad: Only days before he had planned to get married, Caine was forced into the service of Queen Leya I, where he thwarted several attempts on her life, and discovered he had a son, Lucien.  Caine returned to Ckeer Najoor and he and Polly were married on a sunny beach.

4009ad: A year after they were married, Polly Caine and her step-daughter, Evelyn, pushed him into joining the Grand Interstellar Race.  He was nearly killed trying to save other pilots from a black hole, and saved the life of a young Star Dragon, forever earning their respect.

4010ad: Ckeer Najoor was invaded by Okarnagan raiders led by Evelyn’s biological mother.  The entire population was slaughtered, and Evelyn was forced psychically to murder Polly.  Caine shot her hand off, but wasn’t fast enough to stop her.  When he shot the Mertik secret service agent, the feedback over the psychic link put her into a coma.  He sang to Polly as she died, and then disappeared, leaving Evelyn in the Navy’s hands.  He discovered the stone receptacle of Hadjkai (the Wrath Stone), and became possessed by the creature’s spirit.  With the help of Lenson Gardner, he defeated Hadjkai and stopped him and his brothers from destroying the universe using the doom machines under the planet Gorrh.  He killed the Okarnagan chieftain and his Core benefactor.

High Admiral Scarlett escorted him to Parliament to warn them of the coming Core invasion, but the MPs (and the Prime Minister) refused to listen.  He returned to the planet codenamed “Lympstone” and took up his duties as a Major General, commanding the Independent Royal Marines.

Referred to by many as a super-soldier for his impossible skills and abilities.  The media dubbed him “The Ghost” and the name stuck.

M’Der Tr’n pushed him to help a charitable cause in the form of flying a Santa sled (“Saint Claus”); the sled broke down near the end of its journey whilst in a blizzard, and Adam ended up trying to strangle his friend.

In 4009ad, after the Grand Interstellar Race, Polly convinced him to go on an actual holiday on a cruise liner.  Unfortunately, the ship started to break down and plummeted into a planet’s atmosphere, forcing Caine to wear a powered armature and climb across the ship’s hull to repair the damage and save the ship.

In 4011ad, he began terrorising members of the Munya Co-Operative, as well as single-handedly annihilating the infamous Beeslock Irregulars mercenaries the following year; he was also jointly responsible for bringing down Jz’Pan, freeing the people of Tiller’s Crossing on Titan.

The following year, Sansky was captured by a group of criminals calling themselves “The Heavies”, successors to the Emissaries of Power.  He, and several teams of his Marines, dismantled them piece by piece, rescuing Sansky, and the crew of the ship he was captured from.

In January 4020ad, Caine was hunting Ramnja outside the Lympstone Compound by himself when the news of the Core invasion and several deaths of his fellow time-travellers.  The news was brought to him by Brigadier MkFayden, scaring off the prey.

Caine ordered the RMS Storm Eagle to observe the main Core fleet, and then took a squad of the elite Ghosts with him aboard the RMS Bannockburn to New Terra. There, he took the Kara Marazov down to the surface and discovered that Evelyn was there, working undercover as a federal agent for the Alliance’s MCIS.  Despite an initial dislike to him, she agreed to accompany him when he went to the Gilpins’ apartment.  He found what he thought was Harry Block there waiting for him, and the two fought, smashing out of a window and onto a skybus.  Their fight took them down to the lower levels of New Amsterdam, where Caine was stabbed and bled out.

He came back to life, scaring Evelyn drastically.

She scanned him, and discovered that he was no longer fully human, but something more.

They hid out in the Sansky home until the family’s return, upon which the two friends began plotting the defence of Terrans.  They tracked several figures across New Amsterdam seemingly to be the Ghost, but in fact were Harry Block’s clones wearing bastardised versions of Caine’s black bodyglove.  He trapped one and interrogated it, discovering the truth about the Core’s intentions for the Terran Navy, specifically Fort Hera.  He killed the clone whilst Evelyn was having to fend off two more clones in the Sansky home.

Again, the Sansky home was invaded, this time by a team of Terran operatives under the command of Colonel Stone with the intent to capture Caine and hand him over to the Core.  He was waiting for them.

He, Evelyn, and the Sansky family left New Terra aboard the Kara Marazov, only moments behind the RMS Bannockburn, both ships headed for Fort Hera.

He and Sansky held a meeting with Vice-Admiral Vanderhak, convincing him of the danger of the incoming fleet.  They conducted a briefing for all ship and unit commanders in and around the station, talking about the Core and what a threat they pose.

Caine remained in Fort Hera’s command centre to act as protector to the command staff.  His instincts were correct as Harry Block and his clones appeared and attacked him.  He killed the clones, and then killed Block, his skin glowing golden, powers manifesting.  When he discovered that Block had murdered Hannah Sansky and supposedly both her daughter, his eyes were glowing like suns, and he took a nuke from the Bannockburn and delivered it to the disabled Core titan.  He slaughtered every Core warrior he came across, the death toll reaching the hundreds, and then the royal guard, finishing with Yh’reth’far, the Patriarch’s third son.

When he returned, he consoled Sansky for his loss, and then took Evelyn back to Fullina to meet his two grandchildren and son-in-law.

Throughout, he was being ‘haunted’ by the psychic manifestation of the Kara Marazov’s artificial intelligence that several others could see, including Evelyn and Colonel Stone.  Unfortunately, the manifestation took on the appearance of Polly Jenkins/Caine.

(“TLoAC: Horror”, “TLoAC: Recovery & Revenge”, “TLoAC: Gold Royale”, “TLoAC: Odyssey Station”, “TLoAC: The Accidental Enema”, “TLoAC: Weirdness”, “TLoAC: Destruction & Fortitude”, “TLoAC: Unbreakable”, “TLoAC: What Happened Next”, “TLoAC: My Daddy (By Evelyn Caine)”, “TLoAC: Pretty Polly”, “TLoAC: The Wrong War”, “TLoAC: The Last Nights of Fallus”, “TLoAC: The First”, “TLoAC: New Horizons”, “TLoAC: Evie’s First Adventure”, “TLoAC: The Bodyguard”, “TLoAC: Wildcard”, “TLoAC: All Fall Down, Part One”, “TLoAC: All Fall Down, Part Two”, “TLoAC: Epilogue”, “Recon One-Five”, “PtGoE: The Lament of Reverend Bishop” “Ghosts of Earth”, “Tot19G: Ghost Story 1”, “Tot19G: A Very Caine Christmas”, “Tot19G: Ghost Story 2”, “Tot19G: Fortune”, “Tot19G: Going for a Walk”, “RAoL: Look Up!”)


Yes, that IS a list of all his appearances.

4 thoughts on “Big Bloody Encyclopaedia

  1. paulaacton says:

    I like the idea of it being a wikipedia type site with a search box that can cross reference all you entries, no idea how it would work lol but think until you can make a Hitch-hikers style guide to the nineteen galaxies am thinking it is going to be pretty hefty for a print edition although maybe the kindle edition could have bonus information gained by clicking links to an online resource

    1. shavenwookiee says:

      Yeah I had thought of doing a Wiki, but it’s an even more monumental task than a book. It’s not too big at the moment, although I haven’t put any pictures in it yet (gulp).

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