Second Week!!!!!

So, I’m still going strong (ish), though if it carries on like this, my wife Julz is going to overtake me with her brilliant supernatural book!  I’m well jealous! I’m at 19k words and still going, nearing the end of the entries for Ghosts of Earth (bit of a slog that one).    I thought I’d share this with you, one of the favourites (you might have to click on it to view it properly):

Ion Ball



Admittedly, I may have been watching Tron Legacy when I came up with it…

Anyways, on to other news.  Watch out for a post for Loss Through the Looking Glass, when I can think of how to write it.  And also, I’ve been thinking about having a specific day for putting Kindle books on for free.  Monday?  Tuesday?  Not sure yet!

Best get on with it, hadn’t I?

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