Camp Nano 2014

So, it’s been nearly a week, and I’ve hit my original (rather boring) goal of 10,000 words.  It’s an encyclopaedia I’m writing so I thought I would struggle to hit the word count, much less in the first week.  But I’ve barely started on the entries for Ghosts of Earth!  Anyway, I thought I’d pass the opportunity on to all of you.  I have one already (viewmecia), but is there any fictional character, legend, ship, planet, even a random book or instruction manual you’d like to see in here?  It’s got to be something weird or something outrageously funny.  And you’ll get a contribution credit in the book (at the beginning).

Encyclopaedia Cover Nano

Anyway, what is the book about?  Life, the universe, and everything in between.  Literally.  This book isn’t necessarily for everybody else, but more of a way for me to gather everything into one book, detailing all the technologies, references, planets from the Nineteen Galaxies universe.

And nothing is sacred.

Have a look at this for example:

HMS Julie Bartlett

Yes, this is named for a real person…. 😉

Is anyone else reading this doing Nano this month?

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