The Fall of Terra #58: Epilogue, Part Two

29th December.

Everything was ready.

Events had been set into motion, preparations had been made for this point in time.  There was a massive convergence here, time streams from all directions connecting here at this point.

The creature Gold had caught her scent not long after Terra’s death.

He had chased her every few years, trying to get her to his side.

She would be captured, and he would try to forcibly turn her in the bowels of the Andromeda galactic core where their power resided.

But she would hold out.

There was too much at stake.

She knew that, and she knew Gold was close by.  How was he so close?

She closed her eyes, and sifted through the timestreams, following one back to the London Underground.  There was a flash and she could feel the presence of a temporal device.  It was a crude machine, one that ripped through the continuum, rather than slid through it as she did.

She recognised the smell of Gold nearby.

He would capture her soon, or his lackeys.

The pocket dimension she had formed was ready and waiting.

The destructive time travel channel was near.  She had only a few minutes to do what she needed to do before she would lose the opportunity again.

This was a fixed point in time.

This HAD to happen.

She reached out into the timestreams and pulled the lifesign she found, depositing it in front of her.  Silver stayed phased, invisible.

He looked younger than she had seen, taken from a point further back in his timeline.  What she had seen was undoubtedly their future in some respects, courtesy of the creature Gold.  He was unconscious, the act of being ripped from his own time a stress.

“Wake up,” she whispered, and then realised that he had heard her.

His eyes fluttered open.

He pulled himself to his great height, towering over Silver, muscles bulging under the ridiculous uniform he wore.  She gathered herself, her full strength, nervous to be meeting one who was to be so important.

He didn’t step back, or flinch when she phased back in.

“Who are you?” commanded Adam Caine.

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