The Fall of Terra #53: Devine Deliverance

The deck heaved around him, his head hurt and when he opened his eyes, just the red glow of the self-contained emergency lights cast any illumination about his surroundings. He found himself flat on the floor of the ships brig, up against the cells door. As he sat up, he realised that the door was open and there was a hiss of escaping air. Looking out the door into the brig lobby he caught sight of the prison guard lying on the floor, his head at an impossible angle. Getting to his feet, the prisoner made his way out of the cell and over to the guard, he relieved him of his side arm and checked if it worked. Finding not even the slightest sign of life in the weapon, he threw it away and relieving the guard of his keys, left the brig section.

The ship shuddered around him and in the dark corridors he found more crew dead, sprawled at obscure angles. If he was the only survivor of this floating graveyard, he would need to find a way off the ship. This hiss was growing louder and he realised that the air was getting thinner. The doorway for the pilots locker rooms appeared and he squeezed his way in through the buckled door and started searching the lockers. Like the rest of the ship, the power had failed to the locks and sealed them, but one or two were open. In one of the open lockers he found a pilots environmental suit that still strangely had power. He pulled off his current clothes and pulled on the suit, sealing up the helmet. He checked to see if the suits functions were fully working and went looking for his own locker using the suits internal lights. Like the others, his locker had been seal, Picking up a piece of metal from the floor he levered the locker open and pulled out his stuff that was stored there. As much as he wanted to get his possessions from his room, he needed to escape the dying ship. He made his way out of the locker room and headed for the flight deck.

The flight deck was a mess, there was a hole in the side that had sucked out the air killing the crew and damaged ships lay scattered everywhere. Searching the deck he found a hidden panel that had been knocked loose, he kicked the panel clear and found a jet black fighter of a design never before seen. He climbed into the seat and the canopy closed. “Unidentified pilot recognised, please identify yourself and stat the nature for boarding.”

He looked around the ship for the source of the voice then turned to the screen above the flight controls. “Lieutenant Marcos Rodregus, the ship is dead and I need to escape.”

“Checking files…. Lieutenant Marcos Rodregus, Level three access … registering pilot for flight.” the screen flashed up his records and he was amazed that his clearance hadn’t been revoked. “Warning access to the flight deck is blocked due to failure of power to the host ship. How do you wish to proceed?”

“Does this craft have weapons?”

“Yes Lieutenant, this vessel is fully armed, but warning, firing a missile in close confines may damage this vessel.”

“Do you have solid rounds?”

“Yes Lieutenant, but the guns will not cause enough damage for us to escape.”

“I don’t need them to, I just need to weaken the wall,” He muttered to himself, Prep a missile to 10% of charge and use the solid rounds to weaken the wall, one the rounds are used the fire the missile.” he ordered the ship. The ship complied and he felt the solid guns vibrating through the ship before there was the hiss of missile thrusters and the wall vaporised in a flash of light. The thrusters started up and he piloted the ship out of the chamber and across the derby strew flight deck. Halfway across there was the deep boom of a section of the ship suddenly depressurising and the crafts collisions alarms sounded.

“Report!” he bellowed at the computer.

“The host ship has moved suddenly and collided with this vessel, there has been minimal damage and I am still fit to fly.”

He checked the various ship screens then turned up the thrusters, speeding it towards the flight decks’ open door. The craft exited the ship into a derby strewn field.

“Warning anomalous reading coming from planet, recommend leaving the area to a safe distance. Lieutenant, detecting active scanning from one of the ships around us.”

“What ship?”

“My records show that is the Minotaur, do you wish me to alter course to join her?”

“No,” he almost shouted, if the Minotaur had records of his misdeed, then he would be in trouble.

“Set course for the edge of the system and go to FTL as soon as possible.”

“Warning, FTL flight inter system is highly dangerous.”

“If we don’t go FTL then we run the risk of taking serious damage. Override safeties and go to FTL as soon as we’re clear.”

“Yes Lieutenant,” The computer plotted a course through the debris in to clear space and he watched the Minotaur trying to fly away from Earth with failing engines. As it exited the field, the ship md a short FTL jump to the edge of the system.

adam bryant


Gray Wolf

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