The Fall of Terra #48: Another Method of Travel

They’d found a ship.

It wasn’t theirs.

Neither were bothered.

Having been turned down by several private ship-owners for a lift off the planet, the two Kra Nal brothers had snuck through the baggage handling area and out onto the landing field.  Most of the ships were luxurious and recent models, full of modern security and well maintained.  Except for one, a battered old freighter sat at the edge of the spaceport.  It looked abandoned.

It was disk-shaped, with an outrigger cockpit and forward cargo mandibles of a design neither had seen before.  It was old, and more susceptible to their more experienced skills.

They both shrugged when they read the name of the ship on the side.

“What the hell’s an Aluminium Falcon?”

They stripped the cover off the control box, and re-wired it with ease, glad to see that it didn’t require coding or decryptions.

The ramp whined down from between the mandibles, the hydraulics jerking and squealing without any proper oiling.  M’Der replaced the cover of the control box, making sure nobody noticed that it had been broken into.

“How did you get that last wire to match up?” asked Row, frowning.

M’Der grinned, tapping his nose.  “A few tricks from the Justice Ministry back home.”

“Do you miss it?” asked his brother, sombrely.


“Being Justice Minister; the head of the military and police.”

M’Der gave his brother a sad smile.  “Why do you think I’ve been drinking so much?”

Row snorted, shaking his head, his chrome dreadlocks tinkling with the movement.  He led the way up the ramp, noting silently the creaks and groans of the old ship.

“Can you get it started?” asked M’Der.  They both looked around at the dilapidated state of the ship’s interior.  It had seen better days, probably even twenty years ago.  Probably more.

Row grinned.  “They don’t call me Pirate-Emperor for nothing.”

There was a noise like distant shouting, and they both turned.

Charging across the landing field was a panicking horde of refugees, shouting and pushing to get to the two brothers’ new ship.

“Did they follow us?” worried Row.

“I don’t know, but now would be a good time to start this piece of junk up.”

“On it.”

M’Der slapped the ramp controls and shut themselves inside the freighter.

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