The Fall of Terra #46: Cracked


A Comprehensive History of the Nineteen Galaxies Vol. 1: The Core War (by M’Der Tr’n, Famous Historian)


The asteroid hit at 2013 hours, Navy time, directly on Navy headquarters.

Given what we now know about the Core’s intent, it is thought that this was deliberately targeted.  There is, of course, no proof beyond a recording of extracted Okarnagan files during the Battle of Gorrh.

The asteroid was nicknamed Terra’s Bane by some of the external political and socioeconomic commentators during the media coverage.  It hit with enough force to crack the planet’s crust and destabilise both its spin and orbit.  The tectonic plates shifted uncontrollably, unstoppable super-earthquakes shattering whole cities in the eastern hemisphere.  The shockwave alone wiped out millions, crushing buildings and even flattening hills and small mountains.  Tsunamis drowned almost every island in the Pacific Ocean.

The speed and momentum of the asteroid pushed it into the outer core, releasing the millions of tonnes of molten rock underneath, melting the asteroid’s remains.

The heat combined with the dust and masses of cold water suddenly displaced caused horrendous storms that spread quickly.  Electrical disturbances filled the clouds, becoming ion storms that played havoc with the ships both in the air and in space.  Vessels still struggling against the planet’s collapsing gravity field found themselves struck by over-powered lightning storms, brought down to the surface with a painful finality.

The planet broke physically, the lave pouring into the oceans and boiling them and the wildlife within.  The magma could be seen from orbit, seeping through the massive cracks.

It took another two hours before it became utterly uninhabitable, and another forty minutes before a final flash and Earth was nothing more than a collection of floating tumbling rocks.

The Navy maintained its incredible operations to rescue as many people as they could.  Some ships were unable to rescue others, some damaged by the asteroid, others disabled or struggling to stay in orbit.  Many, like the Minotaur and the Gareth Benjamin, were forced to leave with only a handful of refugees, their systems unable to cope with any more on board.

The others ploughed on regardless, teleporters and shuttles going round the clock until the ships were full or the broke down.

It wouldn’t be enough.

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