The Fall of Terra #38: Unexpected Victory


The Master of Shadows sat watching the sensor and visual feed information coming in to his flagship; the data was becoming increasingly more and more exciting.  His ship was still travelling in the rumbling wake of the asteroid, its systems unaffected by the field that had so devastated the Navy.

He had almost cackled with delight upon seeing the humans’ battlegroup go against it.

The slaughter had got his blood up, making him feel righteous in his approach to dealing with the future Terran threat.

But even better, the Navy’s massed firepower, usually enough to level planets, had split the asteroid into three.  The largest piece, about sixty-percent of the original, carried on the original course.  But the other two spread in different directions.

To his shocked delight, those errant two hit both Mars and Venus, the two planets headed quite quickly towards a violent end.

It was… delicious.

“[Are you well, my lord?]” a subordinate asked.

Yh’reth’van stopped and realised he had been salivating.

“[Of course,]” he snapped.  “[Concentrate on your tasks.]”

The subordinate officer nodded, suitably chastised, and returned to his duties.

Not long now, he thought, and humanity will die before it ever knows who we are.

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