The Fall of Terra #28: Watching

When interacting with corporeal beings, she always referred to herself on their terms.

It was just easier.

Many outside the Timewalker race couldn’t comprehend the four-dimensional nature of their names and designations.  Several had tried and ended up with either permanent migraines, or their brains had melted out through their eye sockets.

She had yet to find a ‘mortal’ that could withstand the concept.

Rather than trawl every strand of time looking for a connection, or for a clue as to the whereabouts of The Strand, she decided to let some of the local community flow over her.  She perched gently on the post of a concrete wall on a ridge that overlooked a local zoo.

The place was busy, families going this way and that, taking in the sights, some following set paths, others just meandering their way through the exhibits.

There were no real animals here, she noted.

They were holographic, made to look real.

She felt horror at the thought that once upon a time humanity had enslaved their native animals like this, just for entertainment purposes.

Besides that, this was the place to see what humanity was at its core: family.  The family unit was the most important, unlike her own race.  She barely even remembered her parents, wasn’t even sure they still existed in the time-space continuum.

Her existence was one tinged with sadness, lonely and unfulfilled, travelling through time and space, simply to watch history.

She desperately wanted to join in, to be part of the excitement and exhilaration, to be part of a family again.

Without a word, or interaction with any corporeals, she continued to watch.

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