The Fall of Terra #25: Timely Confusion

Silver’s senses were overwhelmed.

Standing in the Terran capital of London, she could detect temporal disturbances all over.  Some were old, thousands of years old, millions even, but seemed to be converging on a part in the future.  Others were more recent, some disturbingly so.

Could it be related to what was coming?

It didn’t feel right.

She stood within visual range of the towering ancient edifice of Big Ben, its clock faces plainly obvious.  Although there were subtle differences, the rebuilt Houses of Parliament were still as recognisable as ever.

There was a temporal anomaly nearby.

She could almost see it, and touch it, but it wasn’t fully formed yet, as if just a marker for the anomaly itself.

She extended her senses out as for as she dared.

Something, some naggling part of her, knew that these disturbances could only be the work of someone like her, someone with the ability to control time.  Perhaps even another Timewalker.

She found nothing more than the vague disturbances as before.

She withdrew her senses in and continued to wait.

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