The Fall of Terra #20: Interstellar News

“Good afternoon.

I’m Kazlan Ret; this is the one o’clock news on the 30th of December, 3899.

The main headlines today are: final preparations are almost complete for Darwin’s New Year’s Eve party, it’s organisers claiming it will be the biggest ever.  Terra still suffering from long-range communication black-outs, we speak to a member of the Navy with an inside scoop.  We also have the latest on the corruption scandal in the Parliament, as well as the possible connection to a deal with the Grag.  And, what happens when you’re blind and lose the use of your legs and arms?  We have the story on how a man’s guide dog carried him out of his apartment and to the nearest hospital.

But first, we have breaking news.

Half of the 1st Fleet, most currently docked in Terra orbit for the New Year celebrations, have been sighted leaving planetary orbit.  It’s understood that an hour ago, all personnel were recalled from the surface and shore leave on orbital platforms.

We now go live to Navy correspondent Wilehn Haamo, who is currently on Kingfisher Station.”

“Yes, Kazlan, I’m here in what is normally a packed promenade on Kingfisher Station.  Right now, it is devoid of anyone wearing a uniform, a general alert recalling all personnel to their stations.  We have yet to find somebody that will tell us what is occurring to cause this.  None of the military we have spoken to have an idea of it, either, having been recalled without being told why.

If we cross to the nearest viewport, you can see out in orbit of Terra the lights of dozens of warships leaving orbit, as well as those docked here at Kingfisher.  So far, Navy Headquarters has flat out refused to even acknowledge our questions to them, as well as the other news networks.  We have heard rumours, though, that even Fleet Admiral Kombat himself, commander of the 1st Fleet, has been seen boarding one of these ships, but that has not been confirmed.

One theory by a shopkeeper and former Navy enlisted man here, is that it is a resurgence of the Okarnagans, despite no sign of them for centuries.  It is possible, as the ships are not on a heading for the Linkway entrance near Pluto Station.”

“Wilehn Haamo, thankyou.

We will keep you updated on the progress of the ships, and what is occurring throughout the day.  We go live now to Darwin where crowds are already starting to gather a day ahead of the festivities…”

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