The Fall of Terra #18: Brothers

New Brooklyn Spaceport.

The sleek shuttle wasn’t taking off.  The engines were still running, but the shuttle hadn’t budged.  A ramp folded out and slammed down onto the tarmac.  A quartet of security guards dragged two tall green-skinned Kra Nal off the shuttle and dumped them unceremoniously at the foot of the ramp.

They were hammered.

“Wha’ happened?” one of them drunkenly asked.

“I don’ think it helped you tellin’ the stewardess she had large breasts.”

“She did, though,” the other replied.

“So what now?” asked Rowlandos, a little too slurred.

M’Der Tr’n shrugged, looking at his brother.  “I don’t know.  We lost our places on the transport.  Let’s go back to the bar and get something to drink?”

They both descended into cackling idiocy just as the spaceport security arrived and dragged them giggling by their ankles.


*           *           *


Rowlandos raised his head from his drink as a clamour took place in the bar they were inhabiting.  Tables were overturned, and a bounty hunter lost his head, and then lost it literally, smashed against a table.

“Wasn’t that that Munch guy from the wanted posters?” he slurred.

His brother collapsed against the table, and then slid onto the floor, unconscious.

“Brother dearest, you appear to have spilt your drink.”  He held up one finger, and called out, “Oh waitress, would you mind refilling my brother’s glass?  There’s a good lass.”

By the time the waitress returned with a refill, both were asleep.


*           *           *


The two Kra Nal groaned.

Pain suffused their heads, and their stomachs threatened to eject everything all over their hotel room.

Rowlandos was sprawled across the breakfast bar, limbs hanging down either side, his face using a trifle for a pillow.  He frowned.  How did a trifle get in here?  What the hell had he drunk last night?  And why was there a moose in the corner of the room, staring at him unblinking?

M’Der’s voice moaned, and Rowlandos looked around for his brother.

“M’Der?  You still alive?”

His brother gave only a nonsensical groan of pain.

M’Der was half-naked and was bent double over the back of the sofa, arms dangling down.

“I don’t remember what happened,” Rowlandos said out loud.

M’Der groaned again.

“Why is there a moose in the corner?”

M’Der moaned, his voice sounding like a question.

“Oh.  What do we do now?”

M’Der waved at him and made a sound not unlike a moose.

“You’re right,” said Row.  “We’ll go out drinking… but later.”

He passed out again.

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