The Fall of Terra #9: Comm Traffic 1

Antarctica-Plus Shipping Corporation Message Service

To: Renlock Tavrath (Shipping Supervisor, McMurdoch Plant)





Dear sir/madam,

I write to you with a strange request: to employ me in your company.  Bizarre, I know, but it is one I have worked hard to be in a position to request employment.  Your company is second-to-none, and has a local and interstellar reputation like no other.

I have a long list of qualifications and references (see attachments), as well as many years’ experience in the industry.  My previous employment was with Daga Scenic Industries, and recommended you after my redundancy.

I must point out that said redundancy was not related to job performance but a change in the company’s business profile, requiring them to make myself and many others redundant.

Although I have received several offers from your rivals, some very lucrative, I would much rather work for a company with your reputation.  But then it’s not the end of the world, is it?

Yours hopefully,

Cheeva Laas.



Dearest Mother,

I apologise for not writing sooner, but I have been busy with my life.  I’m married now, with a child on the way.  You are the one who moved to Terra, three galaxies away, not me.

I’m happy now and don’t need you upsetting me or my wife with outrageous claims of killing yourself.

Goodbye mother.

Have a good life.




Dearest Maternal Progenitor,

I have landed with my unit on Ancient Terra for our deployment.  We are currently holed up in something called Texas, in Alamo City.  This life-orb is not what I was expecting from the stories: there are cities as far as the eye can see, and no Chikl except for several private gardens and enclosed parks.

My squad leader claims that there used to be desert all around this continent, but I have seen no evidence of this.

I miss the nest.

I miss the plains of Amalgathea.

Paternal Progenitor was right; I should never have joined the Guard.

How is hatchling-sibling Gemla handling the farm equipment?  I hope she is coping all right.  I hope you are all safe and well at the nest.

I am extremely tempted to cancel my contract with the Guard, and return home.

We shall see.

Yours lovingly,



Terra Instant Messaging Service.  Message 34758y6912837fp.

Message Unit 572j -> Message Unit 572k

Hey honey, going to be late for dinner tonight.

Work’s a bitch.

Mwah mwah xxxx



To Captain Mackenzie and the crew of the HMS David Peters,

We have been learning about the Navy and all the ships in the fleets.  We would like come and see your ship please.  Thank you so much.


The children of Class 2, Year 4 at Boris Geletti Primary School.



To the incompetent flatfoots of the Terra Police Department,

I have killed another.

That’s three.

I suggest you do better.





Mrs. Tanner,

I have intercepted a message between your husband and another woman.  Although nothing seems untoward, as it does match what he has already told you, I shall continue to delve deeper.


Detective Dash Tritter.

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