The Fall of Terra

The Fall of Terra

The Fall of Terra, as the name suggests, is the end of Earth, humanity’s homeworld. In the 41st Century, the current timeline has Earth/Terra as having been already destroyed a century before Adam Caine’s appearance in the future. It had an horrendous impact among Terrans/humans, scarring the people’s soul for generations. Some wanted to forget that Terra existed, the rest worship its memory like that of an ancient holy ground, like Mount Olympus or Mecca.

I have always wanted to tell that story, not just as flashbacks or as an entry in an encyclopaedia, but as an actual story, following people’s lives. It has gone through several versions, but I’ve never been able to finish it, the ensemble dragging my enthusiasm down and down. The latest version is no different.

Now, however, I have decided to do it differently. It won’t be a novel, but a series of daily entries with each little bit of flash fiction showing something different, but telling a different part of the whole story from a multitude of perspectives and a multitude of ways of storytelling.

What do you think? Cheesy? Good? Bad?


2 thoughts on “The Fall of Terra

  1. Satin Sheet Diva says:

    However the story flows through you naturally will make the best telling – if you see it as vignettes, then tell it that way. Your fans will get it. When may we expect the words to see daylight? 🙂

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