An Old Friend Revisited – Part Six

This is such an amazing serial story, the Doctor’s lip trembling after saying goodbye to Astrid….

Paula Acton


First apologies for the delay in the final instalment of this story, real life has been crazy with various charity events taking place but as tomorrow is the first of April and I intend to start the A-Z Challenge again I wanted to tie up the loose ends here first…

If you have missed the first parts you can click on the Full Sunday Story tab at the top of the page and read it all in one go for those who have been waiting patiently then read on and hopefully enjoy…

The sound of the slap echoed around the theatre, the Doctors head flew back, his eyes widening fro the mixture of surprise and pain.

“River! What…”

His voice trailed off as the situation became apparent to him. Tightly closing his eyes he slipped from the seat and hunkered down in the gap between the rows. Only once the…

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2 thoughts on “An Old Friend Revisited – Part Six

  1. paulaacton says:

    I hope you enjoyed it, I do have an idea for yet another but it is on the back burner for a few weeks while I do the A to Z challenge through April, also part of me thinks I should save it just incase Mr Moffat sees these and calls me up to write an episode lol just joking but a girl has to dream. I do intend to write one featuring Dorium though and as he is a FB friend hope he will read it 😀

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