An Old Friend Revisited Part Five

Paula Acton


Previous parts can be found… (sorry it’s late again)

Part One

Part Two

Part Three

Part Four

River tightened her grip as a figure slowly materialised, she could not make out and distinguishing features at first, then the singing came from the creature.  Her grip relaxed come on River get a grip, we are at the theatre even the Doctor can’t get into trouble here, she settle back in her seat once more and allowed her hand to slide from the bag back into her lap.

The creature was fully visible now exquisitely beautiful, feminine but without any recognisably gender specific features.  The Doctor searched in his memory trying to put a name to the chanteuse who held their attention with her intoxicating performance.  Was it a her, should that be it?  He was unsure but there was a definite female aura…

Astrid felt herself lean forward as two…

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