An Old Friend Revisited Part Four

“Don’t want to be stuck in a lift with one….” Defiinitely heard that in Matt Smith’s voice….

Paula Acton


I was tempted to end the story with them arriving at the theatre but I decided you and they deserved a little more…

If you need to catch up…

Part one

Part Two

Part Three

The three walked together through an ornate arch way, the Doctor consulted a seating plan on the wall just inside the entrance then pulling the psychic paper he waved it before the face of a bemused looking usher.  The usher grasped the Doctors wrist holding it still before bursting into laughter at the blank piece of paper before him.

“Really sir did you honestly think that would work here?”

The Doctor looked round flustered and a little embarrassed before leaning in and whispering to the uniformed man,

“Look, I am trying to impress these young ladies,” he motioned towards an amused River, and confused Astrid. “I lost the actual tickets, Now you have the chance…

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