An Old Friend Revisited – Part Three

Loving this story, although I kind of expecting them to go to the Ford Theatre in the 1800s…

Paula Acton


Apologies this should have been posted yesterday but I had company for the afternoon and got a little behind…

If you need to catch up you can find the first two instalments by following the links..

Part One

Part Two

The Doctor watched as River picked at the last remaining morsels on her plate, he had merely pushed his food around his plate absent mindedly as he tried to work out what he was going to do.  He could appreciate Rivers suggestion had merit but how was he supposed to just whisk Astrid out of here without explaining anything or changing what had already happened.  Damn River, he hated it when she was right, he couldn’t change his past, her future, other lives were too tightly entangled to make that possible.

River looked across at him, it hurt her to see him like this but she knew that she…

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2 thoughts on “An Old Friend Revisited – Part Three

  1. paulaacton says:

    I was tempted to let him bring her to earth but that would go against us knowing her visit there was on the trip from the Titanic so it means I am having to be a little more creative lol so glad you are enjoying this not sure if there will be another one or two parts yet 😀

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