Titan Colony

Day 21, and the letter T!!! This one doesn’t seem important, but trust me it will by the end of the Core War, or at least some of the information contained within!


“Titan Colony”

A half-abandoned collection of pressurised domes on the surface of the Saturn moon of Titan.  Much of it is just gas-mining from Titan’s atmosphere, as well as Saturn’s.  Titan is the only official colony left in the Sol system, one of the remaining domes being Miller’s Crossing.  Unfortunately, because of its isolation from general society, Titan Colony has become a magnet for the disillusioned and lost souls in the region.

For a time, Titan Colony was taken over by a criminal element, untouched and unchecked by the Navy.  This group, however, were destroyed, although it is unclear if it was The Ghost, or a local private detective.

21 - T Titan Colony

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