Quantum Scanner

Day 18 is late!  Dammit!  But only because my scanner wouldn’t work!  Sorrreee!!!  😦  It’s working now!  This is a quick one, but with a rather important role in the final stories of The Legend of Adam Caine.


“Quantum Scanner”

Medical scanner that is used to scan biological matter down to the sub-atomic level.  It can also be used for the cloning process along with other specific .  In theory, the device is illegal matched with a bio-resequencer, a gene-splicer, and a bio-meme polymer material, but several organisations have versions of these.

Quantum scanners are hard to come by, as they are intricate abnormally expensive machines to produce, and many don’t have the power requirements to keep one operational for more than a few seconds.

Kombat 3899 held one in storage in a hidden facility that was raided by the super-criminal Hadjkai in possession of Adam Caine’s body.

Cloning is illegal for a reason.

18 - Q Quantum Scanner

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