Day 17 is a bit late, I do apologise!  This picture took me ages, although I’m actually proud of this one!  So where does the Terran government set up shop?  What building?  What city?  That IS Blue Falls, by the way!



Ruling body of the Terran Consortium, made up of elected representatives from all the planets in the Consortium.  The Houses of Parliament are currently located in Blue Falls on New Terra after Terra was destroyed, the largest building on the planet.

Parliament as a governing body is led by the Cabinet, which is in turn led by the Prime Minister.  There are currently twenty-three non-humans in the Parliament, not including the nine seats held by the Rijiins.

The current Prime Minister is Tobias Rudd, who has held the position, as of 4020, for thirteen years, with no sign of him losing popularity.


17 - P Parliament

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