Day 13, and the letter L.  This is definitely the most important of all the entries, as it appears in EVERY story I write (well nearly).




Massive subspace tunnel network that accesses almost every single star system in the Nineteen Galaxies.  Made FTL drives obsolete as it was even faster, a different dimension that was smaller than our own, but still connected in the same places.  There has never been any recorded special conditions in which to enter, one can even enter in a spacesuit.  There is no radiation nor any obstacles and are therefore safe.

They open onto star systems, usually in orbit of the major inhabited planets, although some open into the outer reaches of the star system depending on the age of the star.  It is thought that the Linkway entrances are affected by gravitic forces: stars, planets, singularities, even space stations if they’re big enough.

The Linkways are millions of years old, created by a race known as the Builders to provide easier travel throughout the universe, though how this is known is not recorded.  Generally, the Linkways are a swirling miasma of shades of blue, but sometimes they can turn a sickly green, indicating degradation of the tunnel.

Nobody has been able to chart the entire network, and some believe that the Linkways extend beyond the nineteen known galaxies.  There is indeed thought to be a twentieth galaxy, but none has been found yet.

Despite the presence of the Linkways, many races still believe in equipping their ships with FTL drives, as they can sometimes be unreliable, and don’t always open into direct orbit, leaving a ship hours upon hours of sublight travel from a planet.  In fact, the Terran Navy’s Admiralty and Military Council have protocols in place in case the Linkways fail altogether.

13 - L Linkways


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