“Kill The Trousers!”

This one’s a day late, I do apologise for those few following the series.  This is Day 12 and the letter K.  A little bit of silliness, and fun despite the grimness of the Nineteen Galaxies universe.  I had no clue how to draw Vas’ last moments, so figured I’d do a sketch of his temple instead.  Sorry about the quality… I can’t draw.


“Kill The Trousers”

Last words uttered by the Prophet Vas.

One of the most translated sentences in the Stars of Serenity religion, and the most talked about.  His temple, that which he used to be a simple priest of, is still revered as holy ground as much for Vas as for the religion’s icon and belief structure.

Many in his congregation believe it is an interpretation of the word of their Lord, Serenus the Wise, a symbolic way of removing your burdens, “that which you carry on your soul.”  Others believe that it means to shed yourself of the trappings of previous lives, and thus reject their old lives and start afresh.

Most people, however, believe that he was raving mad, and that anything he might say was to be ignored.

It is also the title of a holo-movie that severely mocks the Stars of Serenity religion, following a young man who is mistaken for the chosen one…


12 - K Kill The Trousers


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