Day 11, and something light-hearted, just plain stupid, and the letter J.  A dance routine for the 41st Century!  Or at least those in the 41st Century who are too inebriated to notice anything is happening!



Pronounced “Jus-sass-udg”.

A rather odd dance favoured by some of the more stranger entertainers on Port Tempa.

It requires a dancer to vertically twist their bodies at a ninety-degree angle to their legs, with extra appendages flailing at thirty-degree angles to their feet, depending on the position of their bodies.  The dancer then jumps up, down, left and then behind them, whilst making a strange keening sound.  This is repeated on the other side, and then sometimes done upside down.

Humans are physically incapable of doing this dance as it requires movements their bodies are not made for, although it was attempted by Louren Stronger, lead dancer of the New Terra Dance Troupe.  She has been confined to a wheelchair and on a rebreather ever since.  She is, however, willing to give it another go, declaring it her ultimate challenge.

The dance is only favoured in the lower levels of Port Tempa, where the denizens are… easily entertained, where people aren’t really interested in what is happening around them.  It was created by several rather inebriated dancers, one of whom was killed attempting it.

11 - J Js'sass'j


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