Idle Guns

Day 10, and it’s the turn of the Letter I ( I did think about the Inquisition, but that would have been too obvious) and something a bit bigger and more detailed in the series.  Idle Guns!!!  The pirate group based on the corporation and characters of the same names in Eve Online!  Yes, that is supposed to be Rowlandos, Pirate-Emperor, and the central character of his own novel.  I told you before I was shit at drawing, yes?  Anyways, here they are.

“Idle Guns”

Pirate group operating out of the Dark Galaxy, founded and commanded by the Pirate-Emperor, Rowlandos.

The group was founded in 3972ad, using stolen starships, and based in the uninhabited Dark Galaxy.  The group became notorious for their reckless violence and insanely ridiculous plots to commit crimes.  They used cranial implants for silent communications, and rumoured to have used cloning technology to keep themselves immortal.

The group managed to steal the Alliance Dreadnaught Unrelenting Spirit with the help of the vigilante known as The Ghost.  The group was torn apart by the Terran Navy, thanks to the same man, and the survivors either arrested or forced to eke out their own living as freight runners and petty criminals.

The idiot Toddorov attempted to re-establish the Idle Guns, but was only half successful, working for the Core once again, and inadvertently causing the Jalic to invade the Nano Rimmo sector.  The pirate fleet was defeated by a Navy group led by the Valkyrie-class prototype starfighter carrier.

10 - I Idle Guns

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