House of Lorantii

Day 9, and the letter H had my head scratching.  I had drawn the picture, but had no idea what to write!  Ah well, this one’s a twofer (as you Americans say), with the description of the book, and the history of a planet in the Nineteen Galaxies.  Oh wait, it’s a threefer!!! There’s a hint of things to come in the wider universe….


“House of Lorantii”

Hardback book.

Deep in the Raka Fron, on the planet Mariiith, the native race is obsessed with cybernetic technology to the point where they replaced their own limbs with prosthetics, even their bodies.  Despite copious trials and experiments, none of them could replace their brains, or their major internal organs without serious loss of self or even death.

A solution was created, however.  The natives’ mind could be downloaded into receptacles and locked there, thanks to Kra Nal technology discovered on an ancient moon nearby.  They reverse-engineered the transfer technology and created cybernetic bodies.

Their entire race, once they reached adulthood, was transferred this way into fully cybernetic bodies.  Their emotions remained intact, despite the pain and suffering they had to endure to become these machines.

But some resisted.

Most of those that did left the planet, removing themselves from Mariiith’s influence.  These people spread themselves across the Nineteen Galaxies, even the Y-40 Galaxy, in an effort to stop themselves from becoming like their species.

Those that stayed were mostly made up of the House of Lorantii.

The book details their efforts to resist the change, to warn others of what had happened.  The Mariiith people were discovered by the Terran Navy in 3709ad, locked away in thousands of massive vaults, the last survivor of the House of Lorantii still alive.  He died of extreme old age, but was able to pass on the books and the warning to the Navy.

It was deemed too dangerous to allow the Mariiith cybernetic life-forms to be let loose, and so a quarantine was established.

Unfortunately, the quarantine was broken in 4019ad, not long before the outbreak of the Core War, and the planet was destroyed.  A single large ship was detected leaving the system, but the ship was never identified and has not been seen since.

It is unknown what this ship did or even if they took anything.


9 - H House of Lorantii


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