“The Everlasting Echo”

Day 6, and the turn of the Letter E with something a little weirder.  A mysterious place with a twist.  Again, I have to apologise for the crappy sketch!  This is another that is NOT in the books, but is just as fascinating, and just as real in the Nineteen Galaxies….


“The Everlasting Echo”

There are two mountains on the planet Mesh Fo Dun that sit at opposite ends of a bowl-like valley, equidistant from each other, the valley perfectly shaped.  For the locals they are simply another set of mountains, but others have heard the echo resounding through the mountains.

It is a wailing noise that haunts the soul and burns sanity away; it is this noise that is known as the Everlasting Echo, for it seems to bounce between the two rock sentinels on a never-ending loop.

But the Terran Science Council have found something very interesting.

The valley is perfectly shaped to be used as a satellite dish, the mountains full of the kind of raw metals necessary to make it into a deep space communications dish.  The sounds being heard are the physical sounds of the nearby gas giant’s atmosphere, visible in the sky in the distance about the size of a large fruit to the naked eye.

Nobody knows if this is a natural formation, or by design.

6 - E The Everlasting Echo

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