Dorian’s Run

Day 5, and still going despite lack of interest.  Today it’s the turn of the Letter D, and this time something a bit random with no universe-changing ideas, but maybe a hint of the history of the Nineteen Galaxies….

“Dorian’s Run”

The planet Wiol in the Dead Worlds region was once the site of an ancient battle, some say involving the Builders and their Great Enemy, though there are no physical indications of this.  The planet was bombed and nuked so badly that the entire surface was glassed, the rock and materials fused together to make a black marble.

Over the centuries, the glass has worn, or its orbit has shifted and the kilometres-thick crust of fragile brittle material has cracked.

One of the largest of these cracks is a four-hundred-kilometre long canyon with jagged edges known as Dorian’s Run for the first and only pilot to make the run intact and alive.  Hundreds have tried it, but only Dorian had the wit to complete it.

Unfortunately, Dorian went mad soon after pulling out at the final straight, trying to kill his parents, and raving about glass people.  He was locked up in HMP Grunhardt, where he resides, impossibly, even into the 41st Century.

5 - D Dorian's Run

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